Your Freedom

Your FREEDOM is under serious attack
in the world today!

Allow me to share tips and viewpoints which might help you
protect and preserve this one most basic right in your life!

This part of my new blog will be used to write articles and post information which is directly relevant to the subject of personal FREEDOM, to the very concept of FREEDOM and how our civil rights and freedoms are under attack from governments all over the world today.  It does of course not happen in a way that most people would recognize immediately.  If so, it simply would not be allowed to happen!

This is a subject of great interest to me, and I have spent a lifetime studying and seriously thinking about the importance of real freedom for the people of the world.  And one conclusion I have arrived at is that most people have the wrong idea what freedom really is in their lives.  Which again is one reason why those same people allow our governments to move forward with their plans and legislation today, which in the minds of the politicians responsible for this, either on a conscious or a sub-conscious level could lead us all towards a society where we will live under a new type of total government control and even tyranny none of us could imagine even 10 years ago. 

Sure, I understand why some of you who are reading this now begins to entertain the thought that "this guy" (me) is crazy!  But I challenge you stay with me, and come back to this blog as often as possible in the future. I may even be able to "open your eyes" to what is happening in the world today.  And it is happening almost everywhere, in the USA in particular and in most of the European countries which of course does include my own previous home-country of Norway.

So stay tuned, - and welcome back!