My Beliefs

My core beliefs are very important to me, and on
this page I am going to share with you my beliefs
and the REASONS why I believe this so strongly.
 And do not forget that "belief" includes the power of believing
in yourself.  However, if you also believe in an all mighty God as
your ultimate Father in heaven, really believing in yourself and in
your unlimited capabilities, should become so much easier!

My core beliefs has to some extent been a journey in development over many years.  With other words, they are not beliefs which I have just decided to believe in, but something which has been tested, proven and enhanced during many years of both good and bad experiences.  And for some reason, God has allowed me to experience more BAD things in my life, than probably most people do in their lifetime.

However, when looking back at all this, I am with strong conviction able to say:  It was from the BAD experiences I learned the most valuable things.  And in this I feel lies the explanation:  God wanted me to have those bad experiences in order to equip me for greater things to come.

Anyway, on this page of my blog you will be able to read my personal articles relating to my beliefs in core areas like:

- My belief in the all mighty God.
- My belief in my fellow human beings.
- My belief in the ability of any woman or man to achieve great things in life!
- My belief in the concept freedom and real liberty for all.

Throughout all of this you will also be able to find my political beliefs & convictions.  You will start to understand why, as far as my political beliefs go, I am convinced that our governments should back off from our everyday lives and that the people of our political parties should start to really respect those who voted them into power.

Much more to come in the future!