Why BitCoin could protect you during a global financial crash! Part 1

But first:  Understanding BitCoin!
I have often said:  BitCoin is the DIGITAL
version of the history of money!

As time went by there was so many GOLD nuggets in use that what became the
beginning of banking surfaced.  At first as a place to store your valuable gold
nuggets for which you were given small paper reciepts for the gold you deposited
for storage.  This then turned into the first notes of money, - as both buyers and
sellers started to pay using these paper reciepts.  Pieces of paper which was
always backed by something of real value, - gold!

A story which started with GOLD!

Which leads me to ask you:  Do you understand gold?  Allow me to share a story with you which involves a very well-known business man in Norway who does NOT understand gold.  This is now a few years ago and I was walking in one of the streets of Oslo, the capital of Norway.  Outside a store the most popular newspapers where displayed.  Among them a business and finance newspaper known as "Finansavisen" and on that particular day I could read the big headline which said:

"Everyone seems to move into GOLD!"

A large picture accompanied the headline with an arrow pointing upwards.  The price of gold had during the past few weeks gone only one way:  Up!!  And since this was a subject which really was of great interest to me I bought "Finansavisen" that day and shortly thereafter I was sitting in a coffee shop enjoying a cup of coffee,  reading everything this paper had written about investors and gold.
I have in fact a considerable amount of respect for Mr. Trygve Hegnar and have
often applauded his "editiors opinion" articles in both his magazine Kapital as
well as in the newspaper Finansavisen.   However, some times we are less in
agreement, - and on a few occasions, our disagreement is of a rather serious nature.
One example was when he and his people wrote about me and a project I was
involved in and created a fantasy story of approx. 23 pages, in three different
issues of his magazine Kapital. That, however, is a very different story, but I will
say this:  This was a project involving GOLD and I remember finding it totally
unbelievable that someone as serious and highly respected as he is, could allow
his people to create such bunch of lies and fictional stories which for the most
part was the content in the before mentioned 23 pages.  But with that said, for
                          the most part I still has a lot of respect for him, his opinions and accomplishments.

The newspaper I am talking about is owned by the well-know Norwegian businessman mentioned above.  His name is Trygve Hegnar and he also owns a bi-weekly business magazine known as KAPITAL, - as well as a few hotels and  other companies.  He is a very smart and sharp businessman I always have had a lot of respect for.  In every issue of his newspaper, as well as in his magazine, he is known for writing rather brilliant "editors opinion" articles.

When I was sitting there reading his newspaper, - as well as the "editors opinion" article, - the world was about to move into the dramatic days of the financial crisis which started in late 2008.  And as a part of his "editors opinion" article he wrote:

"In todays newspaper we have 3 different articles dealing with what is happening in gold market right now.  We are pointing to the fact that many well-known as well as thousands of other not so known investors all over the world are moving lots of money into gold right now.  However, we in this paper can not recommend our readers to do this, - simply because we never recommend anything we can not logically explain and  understand!

With other words, - Mr. Trygve Hegnar, - the brilliant businessman, - does not understand gold!  He does not understand what it is with gold that makes it so valuable and which attracts people all over the world to it, - particularly in very difficult economic times! He is not able to logically explain this and therefore not able to recommend to anyone to invest in gold!  However, - here is something which I believe is perhaps the most important reason why Mr. Trygve Hegnar has this position:  As far as I still know, - neither does he believe in God!

Having said that, however, - there are far more NON believing people who BELIEVE in the value of gold, - than what exist in terms of the number of Christian people who does believe in the real value of gold!  Hmmm...rather interesting, - is it not?

An "earthly" and a "divine" understanding of GOLD!

I am neither able, - based on an earthly understanding, - to LOGICALLY understand gold.  At least not if we start with the understanding which in almost every other case explains the the reason for increasing value, - the words "supply" and "demand".   My understanding of this, - which is the understanding of almost everyone, - is that demand can be explained based on an increasing and real need for a commodity in the market place.  And in most cases this "need" is coming from manufacturers who need the commodity in question to be able to produce enough of a specific product.  With other words,- we are able to explain WHY there is an increased need!

In regard to almost every other commodity you can think of, - coffee, - corn, - cobber, - silver and oil, we can always EXPLAIN why there is an increased need.  For instance when the global manufacturers on a given point in time need more iron or more cobber.  However, we are NOT able to explain this in the same way with GOLD!  For the most part, - there is no logical increased need for gold. So far Mr. Trygve Hegnar and I are 100% in agreement!

But, - what you need to understand is that Mr. Trygve Hegnar and I have a totally different view of another important aspect of this subject.  While he is refusing to believe in almost anything he can not see or 100% understand, - I am walking a completely different road.  I believe in something, - in fact in several things which I can not necessarily always see or explain and understand 100%.  However, in spite of the fact that I do not understand everything 100% at all times, - I still find myself concluding that this "thing" I do not see or understand, in spite of this, - it is all so convincingly REAL and even LOGICAL!

For instance, - I believe in God.  And I believe that when God created this world of ours, - he also created an amazing system, - a system which to start with was created to be perfect.  One part of this system is that the earth on which we all live contained a definite amount of gold.  (And gold can not be created artificially.)  Did you know that gold is mentioned in the Bible a total of 417 times!  And that even silver is mentioned a total of 320 times.  It is also very important to know that "money" in the Bible is never talked about as some pieces of paper!  This was an idea created by man and man alone.  And man alone must take the responsibility for this.  (Please refer to another article I have written here on my blog about this subject.)

Regardless, - I am convinced that God had a very clear plan for why "His money" (gold) was only created in a very definite amount, very limited amount.  I believe that God was able to foresee the idea brought forth by the people in His world, - which eventually ended with money turned into paper, just some pieces of paper with no gold backing, - or any backing of real value at all.  However, in the beginning the humans had such a respect for gold, - that a system was created making it impossible for the national banks of each country to print more money than what each country owned in gold.  Therefore, - you could also read on the money notes that "you can take this note to the bank which will give you the same amount of value in gold!"

Perhaps humans are created with a "built-in" respect
for and attraction to GOLD?

Now, - regardless of if you believe there is a God or not, - ask yourself:  WHY did man have such a big respect for GOLD?   Why, - even today long after the government of almost every country in the western world has lost this respect, - why do so many people, (with or without a personal relationship with God I should add) why such a huge and almost mystical respect for and believe in GOLD as the real and many times only real VALUE we can trust?

This question has been on my mind for a good number of years now.  I remember one time several years ago, - during the period when I lived in Panama City in Panama.  I spent a lot of time in the offices of a company owned by a good friend there.  His company is a large global bullion banking company dealing in gold and silver for clients all over the world.  Some times I sat with him or some of his key managers eating lunch together, - discussing global geo-political issues, - as well as the issue of gold and silver of course.  And one time the issue of gold was the focus of our discussions, - including the question WHY humans throughout most of the world history always had such an almost strange attraction towards gold, - a metal for which we really could not find any significant industrial needs.  I remember saying:

"Perhaps this is because man was created by God with a built-in respect for and a natural attraction towards gold?"

The two guys I was sitting there with looked at each other, - then on me and expressed this was exactly the way they felt about this as well.  And regardless of your belief or not when it comes to God, - this would at least provide a divine as well as logical explanation for what Mr. Trygve Hegnar did not believe in or was not able to understand.  For me this is totally logical.  Based on my belief that we have an all powerful God who created the earth and everything on it, - as well as everything in it, - he of course did this with a great and complete as well as perfect plan.  Including that he created the finite amount of gold in existence.  He also wanted for us to use gold as money, - and therefore, when paper replaced gold, - all the way up to 1971 the central banks of the world, for the most part, respected his plan and never did print more money than what they had in their possession in gold.  In His plan he knew that man would start using paper as money, - but he wanted gold to represent the absolute ceiling for how much paper money banks could print.

But, - here we are.  We just have to realize that man started to sin against the Gods plan also in this area. And the one human being who started this was the former President of USA, - President Richard Nixon.   In 1971 he made the decision to remove the US dollar from the gold-standard.  Although this was never admitted in public the obvious reason was that he needed to print much more US Dollars to finance the war in Vietnam than what the US had in gold reserves to back it up.  This soon lead to more and more other countries in the western world following in the US foot steps and they too removed their currencies from the gold-standard.

Today, - more than 45 years later, - we are all witnessing that the global economic situation has arrived to a point where a potential financial catastrophy is almost guaranteed.  A very dangerous situation threatening to push us all off the edge of the cliff, - unless we are well prepared for this event!

And while the rotten system of what we often refer to as "fiat currencies",  (the "money" we are using in our lives today) are fighting for its last breaths of air, - new, innovative and much better solutions are storming to the surface offering new and very revolutionary solutions.

This situation is now CRYING for a solution. Money as we know it is on the way out.   The banks where have been used to be customers, - are going to change dramatically, and in many cases just disappear.

Digital and decentralized cryptocurrencies like BitCoin makes it possible for you be your own bank, - the revolutionary blockchain technology will not only change the entire global financial system.  You better also prepare yourself for a totally new and different Internet.  And with fantastic opportunities you are not even able to dream about, not in your wildest fantasies.

Welcome to the new digital world! Much of it is happening right now, - and in the next 5 years so much will change you will not even recognize the world we live in today.  Your only danger will be NOT to welcome the change, - or not to educate yourself.  And that could be a very real danger!

Stay tuned for my next articles on this subject.  Prepare yourself for a truly super exciting journey into the future, - today!

Never before in the history of the world has anyone witnessed what a potential
global economic disaster will lead to in terms of new solutions, and a complete
and total REVOLUTION as what we all will experience during the nezt few
years.  A period in our lifetime which will be full of INCREDIBLE new
opportunities and possibilities.  YOUR CHALLENGE:  To do whatever it
takes to stay informed and to be prepared for the FANTASTIC and almost
unbelievable opportunities which will come your way very, very soon!


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