I am a PTSD victim, - a condition that in some cases is known to even kill a person!

What exactly is PTSD?  Post Traumatic Stress Dysfunction and how did I get it? Well, in my case I got PTSD as a direct result of how people behaved towards me. 

Will this condition take my life?  I most certainly do not think so in my case, - but it has been a very very hard, painful and difficult 3 - 4 years!

Dear friends of my blog,

I have come to a place and time in my life where I have decided to become very honest and transparent about something I have been fighting for the last 3 years and 6 months.  More important, I have decided to use a small part of my time and limited resources to educate people about this  condition and how a person can end up getting this horrible condition.  Perhaps, - as a result of
this other people will start to think and act differently towards each other.  Perhaps a few more people will stop and think before they act, - before they act and destroy another persons life simply as a result of being totally disrespectful.