Why BitCoin could protect you during a global financial crash! Part 2

BitCoin is by far the most widely accepted and successful decentralized crypto currency in the world, and is today accepted by more than 100.000 companies globally!
A number which grows on a daily basis.

But first, - what does "decentralized" mean?

When I write this we probably have more than 600 different crypto currencies in the world.  By far most of them come into the category "decentralized" while a few, like OneCoin for instance, falls in the "centralized" category.  Let me start by saying that I am a huge fan of the "decentralized" version and have in fact, on a more long-term basis, much less faith and enthusiasm for the "centralized" versions. Although, I do admit, they will probably also play an important role in the transition from "fiat money" as we know it today to the "digital currencies" most of use will use tomorrow.

Why BitCoin could protect you during a global financial crash! Part 1

But first:  Understanding BitCoin!
I have often said:  BitCoin is the DIGITAL
version of the history of money!

As time went by there was so many GOLD nuggets in use that what became the
beginning of banking surfaced.  At first as a place to store your valuable gold
nuggets for which you were given small paper reciepts for the gold you deposited
for storage.  This then turned into the first notes of money, - as both buyers and
sellers started to pay using these paper reciepts.  Pieces of paper which was
always backed by something of real value, - gold!

A story which started with GOLD!

Which leads me to ask you:  Do you understand gold?  Allow me to share a story with you which involves a very well-known business man in Norway who does NOT understand gold.  This is now a few years ago and I was walking in one of the streets of Oslo, the capital of Norway.  Outside a store the most popular newspapers where displayed.  Among them a business and finance newspaper known as "Finansavisen" and on that particular day I could read the big headline which said:

"Everyone seems to move into GOLD!"

I am a PTSD victim, - a condition that in some cases is known to even kill a person!

What exactly is PTSD?  Post Traumatic Stress Dysfunction and how did I get it? Well, in my case I got PTSD as a direct result of how people behaved towards me. 

Will this condition take my life?  I most certainly do not think so in my case, - but it has been a very very hard, painful and difficult 3 - 4 years!

Dear friends of my blog,

I have come to a place and time in my life where I have decided to become very honest and transparent about something I have been fighting for the last 3 years and 6 months.  More important, I have decided to use a small part of my time and limited resources to educate people about this  condition and how a person can end up getting this horrible condition.  Perhaps, - as a result of
this other people will start to think and act differently towards each other.  Perhaps a few more people will stop and think before they act, - before they act and destroy another persons life simply as a result of being totally disrespectful.