The summer season is about to start in many parts of the world!

 And with the summer arriving, MILLIONS of people will be going on VACATION again.  And many of those will need to stay in hotels.

I would like to welcome the summer 2015 by giving
YOU a gift of $100,- which can be used to reduce the
total expense of YOUR vacation this summer!

Dear blog reader:

Welcome to the summer of 2015!  Since it is sort of too early for me to have a heat-stroke, which otherwise could explain something which to some might look like I have taken leave of my senses, allow me to make one thing abundantly clear for you:
  • This is not some kind of a stupid advertising trick!
  • This is not something which will attempt to "trick you" into signing up for something you do not want to be a part of.
Instead is a very REAL and simple offer you would be stupid not to accept.  Thanks to a US based travel company with whom I have a business relationship, - a company which this summer is about to start a HUGE GLOBAL campaign to acquire what they hope will become millions of new customers around the globe, - this company is willing to GIVE YOU $100,-!  Yes, - $100 which will be available to you in your new travel-account and which you can have right now:

  • Without having to pay even ONE cent!
  • Without you having to commit to anything!
  • Without you having to register for anything you would not like to be a part of.
  • In short, - the ONLY thing you must accept, is to receive $100 in a new travel-account!
The fact is, - the $100 is just a start.  You will soon find out that the real value of accepting this FREE GIFT is going to be worth much, much more to you.  In addition to the $100 you will soon learn that thanks to our revolutionary new search engine you will be able to receive ADDITIONAL discounts from 20% and to as much as 70% in some cases!  Discounts which will become available to you from hotels in approx. 87 countries around the world.  Where you right now can choose between more than 350.000 properties!

Why not find out for yourself how REAL this offer is.  Register for your FREE account now and experience the magic of the new "TravelSherlock" search-engine with the most incredible offers on the Internet today.  You can do so right here:
 I have myself tested the "TravelSherlock" search engine
extensively over the past few days.  In one case I was able to secure a discount of more than $470 for a 4 days and 4 nights stay in a luxury hotel in the center of Copenhagen, Denmark.
This discount represented a total price which was $470 LESS than the absolutely lowest offer available through some of the most well-known search-engines on the Internet like and  I also conducted several other tests and searches and came up with offers MUCH better than the above in some cases.

Getting access to the by far lowest priced hotel-rooms in the world is just a starting-point.  Soon the following will be available to you as a customer also:
  • Equally amazingly good offers for rental-cars from well-known companies like Hertz, Avis and National for instance.
  • Fantastic deals on CRUISES on some of the biggest and most beautiful cruise-ships in the world!
  • And, - as a customer you will soon be able to recommend this to your friends and associates, and you will be rewarded with 5 additional $1,- travel-credits for each person you refer!
This travel-concept is already being described as the biggest and most innovative thing which has happened to the travel-industry since the Internet became a part of our lives.  And to repeat, - it will cost you NOTHING to accept this offer, - and there are absolutely no obligations!  The ONLY thing you need to do now is to ACCEPT this incredible offer by getting your travel-account here
Behind all this, - but through an entirely different website, you can also find a very exciting and interesting income-opportunity associated with this incredible offer.  However, since I am trying to avoid talking too much about income opportunities on my personal blog, I am not going to provide any further information about this here.

As I said in the very beginning:  My only motivation now is to extend my best and sincere wishes for you and your loved ones to have  the BEST SUMMER and summer vacation ever this summer!  And hopefully my GIFT to you of $100 will be of some help to make that happen for you.

Have a truly GREAT SUMMER!

Best personal regards,

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