From a ROTTEN dishonest world of finance,
to the HONEST and possibly much better world of «digital crypto currencies!»
(Article 1)

A real REVOLUTION is happening right in front of you now!

Many if not most of us have heard or read about this before: About what is called «fiat currencies» and a «rotten, dishonest banking system». And about the evil of the central banks in the world, starting with the US Federal Reserve. And as most of us may have heard or read about these descriptions regarding the system of our money, most of us do not have much understanding of what in the world this is all about.

How many of you, as just one example, know what the term «fractional banking» means and how downright rotten and even bordering on criminal this is? I have written about this previously on this blog and would like to refer you to the VIDEO of Peter Daniels, the billionaire Christian businessman from Australia where he rather bluntly talks about this. You will find this video under the link «Your Money» here on my blog. (There is another very interesting video about the subect of «money» there too.)

Today, however, I am going to write about a subject which has been one of my favorite subjects to study and learn about for the past 18 months at least: The subject of «digital crypto currencies», where BitCoin is the most known «brand» in this fascinating and most exciting field. And before starting out I need to point out that I am going to talk about both «digital crypto currencies» as well as just «digital currencies». What is the difference you
may ask? And my answer would be:

Digital CRYPTO currencies, like BitCoin for instance, (there are probably more than 500 of such currencies trying to «get started» as I am writing this) is a totally «decentralized» type of currency. This means that there is basically no government, no company or group of people behind such currencies. With other words, - there is no central bank involved here in issuing the currency! One of several advantages with this as I see it is that in such a situation NOBODY will be able to control or manipulate the currency!

This is EXACTLY one of the problems with the central banks of the world today. Starting with the fact that there is NO GOLD or other real assets backing the currency, the governments and central banks of the world has been able to print more and more of their different currencies. Something they have deemed necessary in order to pay for wars and to pay their ever increasing debts!

A totally crazy and un-sustainable system which now is about to collapse large parts of the world financial system. Just as I started to write this first article in a series of articles on this  subject, I received an email from one of my «informers» stating that in Japan the government is now (for 2015) preparing to use as much as a whopping 43% of its total tax revenues ONLY to pay the interest on the debt of the nation of Japan!!

One does not need to be a world-class economist to understand that this is a situation which simply is NOT SUSTAINABLE!

And since Japan is the THIRD largest economy in the world, - and also is the most woefully indebted, it’s really the one to watch for the entire world. In addition we have the situations in the US and here in Europe to watch. Considering all this, there can not be any doubt: The entire world desperately needs a new financial system!

The situation is so seriously bad that nothing short of a REVOLUTION is needed to fix it! Which brings me right back to the reason for this FIRST article in a small series of articles I am now going to write here on my personal blog.

I will use JAPAN as our prime example.

The country of JAPAN is of course not the only country in the world in serious trouble financially. So serious it will affect us all soon. But since Japan is the third biggest economy in the world, it also represents a very good example of how serious the gobal situation is today.

Many other countries bigger and smaller are in a similar situation as Japan finds itself in right now. Countries like Greece, USA, Italy and several others are in similar or perhaps even worst situations! And they are all more or less doing the same in their desperate attempts to salvage a very bad situation and trying to keep it turning into a real catastrophe for its citizens.

They are printing more money and keeps on pumping this new money into their economies.
They have borrowed much more than what they in many cases will ever be able to pay back. Think about it: The currency, the money of a country is like shares you own in that country if the country was a company. But if the company you own the shares in has to spend a whopping 43% of its net spendabel income just to pay off the interest on its loans, - the shares you own in that company would very quickly be worthless!

Well, this is the actual situation for hundreds of millions of people in many countries across the world today.

More and more people has started to realize this over the past 10 – 15 years in particular. And some of those, (it started with the creator of BitCoin 5 or 6 years ago) understood that the people of the world need a different and better money and financial system!

And as a result over the past 5 years many different «digital crypto currencies» has been developed. Described by some as the «perfect new system of money!» It is however important to understand that there are TWO different types of «digital currencies» being introduced to the global market place now:

FIRST: «Digital Crypto Currencies»:

The most famous one in this group is of course BitCoin. Owever, there are many others, in fact several undred other «crypto currencies» launched around the world. And there are now even some rumors going around that the country of Greece is considering launching their own «digital crypto currency» in an effort to start removing themselves from the Euro.

Other «digital crypto currencies» gaining some popularity over the past year or two are coins like Litecoin, Dogecoin and Darkcoin, as well as a few others worth noting which I will come back to in future articles.

All coins in this category are decentralized crypto coins. This means they have been created as part of a sophisticated software system on what is called a block-chain. All of these coins are modelled after BitCoin with certain individual unique features, and inside its software only a finite number of coins excist and can be mined out. (Like in the case of BitCoin from which only a total maximum of 21 million coins can be mined.)

The fact that all of these coins are «decentralized» means that there is no company, no government or central bank and no person or group of persons behind these coins. Everything is pre-created as a complete non-changeable software package which nobody can tamper with, control or manipulate. And this so sophisticated and secure that most experts agree we all can trust this system 100%.

Although there is no intrinsic value in or behind any of these coins, - (just as is the case with most governmnt issued FIAT currencies these days) the value is created based on the fact that a) It will never be possible to create or mine more than the pre-determined number of coins, - and b) The system is so sophisticated and secure that it can be trusted.

If you want to learn much more about everthing from the first «digital crypto currency» known as BitCoin to everything else going on now and in the future of «crypto currencies», I highly recommend you join sort of a «Crypto Currency Academy» which also provide you with different income sources, incuding making money from a BitCoin – Litecon and Dogecoion mining operation owned by the company behind this. Ask me or the person who sent you to my blog for more information. 

SECONDLY: «Digital (non crypto) Currencies»: 

One very interesting alternative to the decentralizd crypto currencies are what is only referred to as a pure digital currency. This type of coin, (which has yet to be as popular as BitCoin for instance, is centralized. Meaning that a company or group may have created it.

One particular such coin was created in 2013 and started to become popular in Asia during
2014. I am now starting to describe the UTOKEN coin which has the following really unique features:

  • It is created as part of a much larger, soon to be global e-commerce concept incorporating online shopping malls, - physical shopping centers, - online TV and media company, - entertainment, - and much much more.
  • The company responsible for creating it is also involved in real-estate development, marble mining, - and a global mutual fund.
  • The UTOKEN currency is always backed by a 22% reserve as per the guidelines of the International Bank of Settlemens in Bern, Switzerland.
  • A group of TWO banks and a solid insurance company is the custodian of what is called the Utoken Reserve Limited making sure the 22% reserve is maintained and well protected at all times.

As much as I love the «Digital CRYPTO Currency» concept, - I also believe that there is a huge place in the financial future of our world for UTOKEN! And of course, - there is an exciting business and income opportunity associated with this as well. The company behind this is known as the UFUN Group and if you want more information, ask me or the person who referred you to my blog. You may also want to take a look at the UFUN Group corporat website here:

And please make sure you subscribe to my blog news so you do not miss the the next and following articles about the future REVOLUTION in the financial world of «digital (crypto) currencies».

I you want to learn more about UTOKEN and the exciting income and business opportunity associated with this, ask me or the person who referred you to my blog and this article for more inormation.

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