Det biggest challenge and difficulty facing the «Digital Currency Businss» in the global financial CRISIS we are all facing is not the authorities but the long established and in too many cases downright rotten world av finance and banking.

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But, in every CRISIS you also find the BEST opportunities!

In my previous article I tried to describe som facts which is the foundation for the extremely dangerous CRISIS our world is facing when it comes to our money and our globally connected economy. We are nothing short of standing in front of a possible global financial CRISIS of historic proportions. It is NOT my intention to scare you, but instead to get those of you still «with your heads in the sand» to wake up. If you only do what you can to stay INFORMED and are willing to take in knowledge of how you can turn a CRISIS into huge opportunities for you and your family, - well, then this crisis can be turned into a blessing!

Instead of finding yourself and your family part of the huge number of people all over the world who all risk having their financial foundation wiped away, you will be able to position yourself financially and otherwise in a considerably better position than where you find yourself today. Yes, you might even find yourself in in a financial situation which prior to this you could only dream about.

President John F. Kennedy has been one of several well known persons throughout
history who has pointed out something rather interesting: In the Chinese language the word CRISIS is written with TWO different «signs» or characters. You can see those two characters in the two pictures above and to the right on this page. The really interesting part is the first character in fact means DANGER and the second one means OPPORTUNITY! Never before in history has the truth in this been more interesting, wiser or more exciting than in the situation we all find ourselves in right now!

Think about this! And then make sure that YOU turn this approaching DANGER into your biggest opportunity yet!

But first, - it is very important that you understand a bit more about the DANGER we are all now facing. And one of these dangers if you will, is the following:

The global finance and banking system is

trying to fight the «digital currency business!»

This is a fact it is VERY important that you understand, and particularly if you are trying to benefit financially from the global change from FIAT currencies to various solutions of «digital currencies». It is very important for you to also understand the difference between what could be illegal in some cases, and what banks and financial institutions now are trying to do to fight against the success of digital currencies. And in some cases even against you and me who are trying to position ourself and to win financially from the fantastic opportunities we can find in this situation.

Just before Christmas in 2014 a story broke in my own home-country of Norway which led to many (wrongly) getting cold feet when it comes to BitCoin for instance. A Norway based company in Oslo operating as an exchange provider between Nkr. (a fiat currency) and BitCoins had to send out a communication to its 70.000 customers that «in two weeks from today we are forced to close our business in Norway!» (Yes, - you did read this correctly, this company had a whopping 70.000 customers in their database when this happens. A whopping number in small country of only 5 million people.) Anyway, these customers were told that they had two weeks to secure their own interests and pull out any money they had as part of their customer relationship with this company.

What was the reason behind all this?

Simply that the bank which this company used one morning had sent an official letter to the company that they with immediate effect wanted to terminate their relationship with the company. This of course lead to the company frantically trying to find a new banking relationship in Norway, - but only to find out that there was not one bank in Norway wanting to have a business relationship with this BitCoin based company! And faced with this the owners of the company concluded that sadly they had no other option but closing their business in Norway. And as a result 70.000 customers had to go abroad to find other, internationally based BitCoin exchange companies offering the same type of services.

The above story is however not exclusive to Norway. Far from it. This is now a GLOBAL problem affecting a large number of «digital currency» companies in many in many countries. In the BitCoin world alone more than 300 million dollars was invested in a large number of new start-up companies with ideas and concept relating to BitCoin and other such currencies. And many of them have faced similar problems. However, I can promise you that this will NOT at all stop the phenomenal growth of this industry. I strongly suggest you read this article in the highly respected business magazine FORBES:

When I was in Bangkok visiting the world headquarter of the UTOKEN group of companies and the company behind the UTOKEN digital currency concept in the last week of January I listened to a presentation which the International President for global development, Mr. Eddy Tan did. His very interesting speech can be summed up in two
main points as I see it:

  • The «digital currency business» including UTOKEN is today operating in what could be described as an «grey area» when it comes to the business actually conducted by the companies involved in this. However, this is not something we shall look upon as a negative factor or something like an almost «illegal grey zone area» which is how we often think about this. When Mr. Tan used the words «grey zone area» he tried to convey to us that the technological development in todays world all too often moves way too fast for authorities to catch up. And this happens in a time when banks, central banks and other financial institutions have had more than enough of their own problems to really be able to keep an eye on these developments. As a result authorities in most countries suddenly found themselves falling behind and still have not really figured out how to deal with a situation where a «digital system of money» better and more efficient than their own old-fashioned FIAT currency based system started to prosper outside the control of their own central banks! Some of them, at least to start with reacted like this: Ohhh...this is bad... this is terrible!!
  • Secondly he pointed out the «seriousness» in the fact that the digital currency business, including the company behind UTOKEN in many ways now are a serious
    challenge to the established system. For instance he talked about companies like VISA and MasterCard who of course would look upon these new digital money solutions as a direct threat to their own business model, also realizing that if allowed to grow their own «plastic card» type of business would become obsolete in the future.

  • But probably more important of all, - he was also very clear in his presentation that at this point NOBODY can stop the evolution and continued development of the «digital money industry». Like it or not, - the future is «digital» also for our money, and companies like VISA and MasterCard may think and mean whatever they want. He then proceeded to give us a most convincing speech of the FANTASTIC opportunities we now can find in the transformation from the old FIAT based money system to a new, better and much more efficient digital money system. A system we so far have seen only the vague beginning of. In short, based on everything he said I am totally convinced that more millionaires and even billionaires will be created in this fascinating process than ever before in the history of mankind!

    For me the following has been almost crystal clear for some time now: What has been the three biggest and most POWERFUL economies in the world, Japan, Europe and the USA with their Yen, Euros and Dollar is about to fall off the cliff. The three currencies just mentioned will probably collapse in a not too distant future, - and very possibly in the sequence just mentioned starting with Japan.

When this happens, - something else MUST be ready to take its place!

Personally, having studied the arena of «digital currencies now for approx. 18 months, I can not imagine a better solution than what the many different technology companies in this field now is launching all over the world. And BitCoin as well as UTOKEN offers to different but very good solutions here. When this happens, a lot of big FORTUNES will be made by those who were informed and was smart enough to act early.

Here is ONE thing you must understand if you

want to position yourself for huge profits in this business,

for instance as an UTOKEN representative.

This is particularly important to understand if the concept you are joining offers you «packages» costing several hundred or even many thousands of US dollars or Euro. The thing is, - you may find yourself facing a problem being able to pay money to the company. The fact of the matter is that most companies operating in this field has experienced this type of a problem in one form or the other.

However, it is NOT the authorities in your country or the country of the company receiving the money who create these problems. Instead, it is the banks and financial institutions putting up their roadblocks. Like companies as MasterCard and VISA for example. There are several known examples from different countries where a person has asked his or her bank to transfer xxx amount of dollars or pounds or whatever for the purpose of purchasing BitCoins or any other digital currency and who has been told by the bank: «We are sorry, but we are not able to be a party to this particular transfer of money.»

In the relative few number of cases where this in fact has happened, the person who are
trying to send the money has ended up in the middle of a hostile situation between established banks dealing in FIAT currencies and those companies trying to build a business in the «digital currency business.» Please be advised however, that this is something you should not care or concern yourself with. You should just not allow the bank or anyone else to stop you. Remember, what you are doing is NOT illegal and it is NOT the authorities in your country creating problems for you. Instead it is the established and many times rotten world of banking and finance flashing their muscles and trying to create problems for an industry they look upon as very bad for their business!!

Always remember, - in spite of it all we are still living in a world where you are still able to spend YOUR money on whatever it is you want to purchase, - as long as the laws of your country does not specifically make it illegal for you to purchase what your want to purchase!

So get started now, - make sure that you find a way to position yourself somewhere in the «digital currency business». A business which in my opinion probably is the one of the most exciting ways of making money in today and in the immediate future!

Make sure you become one of the SMART ones who turned a most serious CRISIS into the best OPPORTUNITY to make money you have ever been introduced to!

The digital economy is here, - and digital currencies may soon prove to be the hottest and most profitable part of this entire new economy!

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