Det biggest challenge and difficulty facing the «Digital Currency Businss» in the global financial CRISIS we are all facing is not the authorities but the long established and in too many cases downright rotten world av finance and banking.

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But, in every CRISIS you also find the BEST opportunities!

In my previous article I tried to describe som facts which is the foundation for the extremely dangerous CRISIS our world is facing when it comes to our money and our globally connected economy. We are nothing short of standing in front of a possible global financial CRISIS of historic proportions. It is NOT my intention to scare you, but instead to get those of you still «with your heads in the sand» to wake up. If you only do what you can to stay INFORMED and are willing to take in knowledge of how you can turn a CRISIS into huge opportunities for you and your family, - well, then this crisis can be turned into a blessing!

Instead of finding yourself and your family part of the huge number of people all over the world who all risk having their financial foundation wiped away, you will be able to position yourself financially and otherwise in a considerably better position than where you find yourself today. Yes, you might even find yourself in in a financial situation which prior to this you could only dream about.

From a ROTTEN dishonest world of finance,
to the HONEST and possibly much better world of «digital crypto currencies!»
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A real REVOLUTION is happening right in front of you now!

Many if not most of us have heard or read about this before: About what is called «fiat currencies» and a «rotten, dishonest banking system». And about the evil of the central banks in the world, starting with the US Federal Reserve. And as most of us may have heard or read about these descriptions regarding the system of our money, most of us do not have much understanding of what in the world this is all about.

How many of you, as just one example, know what the term «fractional banking» means and how downright rotten and even bordering on criminal this is? I have written about this previously on this blog and would like to refer you to the VIDEO of Peter Daniels, the billionaire Christian businessman from Australia where he rather bluntly talks about this. You will find this video under the link «Your Money» here on my blog. (There is another very interesting video about the subect of «money» there too.)