A NEW year with NEW opportunities!
And I am trying to make this work again!

With that optimistic note, this is what I
want to write about in th first part of 2015!

I am NOT writing in an effort to gain POPULARITY!

Allow me first of all from the bottom of my heat to extend my warmest wishes to you and your loved ones, a most HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR! When each and everey one of us left behind the year 2014 just a few weeks ago, I for one would like to say: Leaving it behind is something I am very, very happy to have done. Following my personal experiences having to do with former friends and businesspartners in the fall of 2012, the year 2014 just as the year before it, 2013, turned out to be yet another year I want to try to forget and leave behind for ever!

I have previously here on this blog written about the medical diagnosis I was given a few short months after what for me became a very traumatic and painful experience in the mont of September 2012. A diagnosis I had never heard about before known as PTSD, - short for Post Traumatic Stress Dysfunction. An illness and condition I do not wish upon my worst enemies! The at times horrific physical pain in joints and muscles in every part of my body, which in the last part of 2014 also manifested itself into severe head ache, something I have NEVER before in my entire life had any problems with, lead to me being totally incapacitated during certain periods. And for almost every
single day for the last more than 30 months, I have been extremely tired and with very little energy left to function as a normal human being. Add to this that the physical pain at its worst has been so severe some times that I could not even walk across the floor. And on two different occasions I was hospitalzed due to this.

Nevertheless, I survived and here we are in the early beginning of 2015, - and as they say, - a NEW year with NEW opportunities! And my physical pain aside, - I will do my very best to put life back into this blog and write about different subjects which are important to me, and which I am convinced are important for any person out there who is concerned about issues like induvidual freedom, your right to privacy as well as ethics and justice. However, I want to point out the following:

I am wriing about issues which I strongly feel are important to share with others, - not having in mind to make myself more popular or being sensitive to not step on the toes of some people. We live in a very disturbed and even sick world in 2015. It is hard to figure out who you can trust as everyone from our leading politicians to the media and «big business» all have their own agendas.

It is down to you and me to look out for the interests of ourelves and our loved ones, and with my writing I only have one desire, - to open the eyes of more people when it comes to what is really going on in this sick world of ours.

With those words as a starting point, - I will do my best to accomplish this through my writing on this blog, and I start off the new year with:

FREE gifts to everyone 
subscribing to my blog news!

In an attempt to increase the number of persons who subscribe to news and information about what I write about and therefore will receive my regular newsletters and updates, I am starting the new year by offering dfferent FREE gifts to anyone being registered as a subscriber. Here is how this will work:

From time to time you wll notice on the right hand side, on the top of the page, there will be some information about the latest FREE gift offered. You will be given access to the FREE gift featured there, together with all previously offered FREE gifts, simply by subscribing to the blog updates. And you do this by submitting your name and email address. The very first gift featured there now is an app (application) which you will be able to download 100% FREE of charge and which will run a search through all your other app' s to determine to what degree those app' s are stealing what could be very private, valuable and even sensitive information from your smart-phone! Please read the information about this product available there now.

For you who are already registered as a subscriber to receice updates and other info from my blog, you will soon receive a separate e-mail with the required information as to from where you should go and download your FREE app! New persons registerin today and in the future will receive a similar e-mail soon after having subscribed. Please stay tuned for this, - and for other very interesting and some times valuable FREE gifts in the future.

What does CHRISTIANS and MUSLIMS have in common
beyond they are both believing in GOD?
When writing about this now and in the future, I will probably step on the toes of some of my Christian friends, - and in particular those with whom I now believe my friendship has come to an end as they are no longer friends of mine. (This is in reference to my experience in the fall of 2012 which gave me the chronic condition of having PTSD.) Anyway, the answer to the question above, seen from my personal point of view (without otherwise comparing the two two religions) is as follows:

They are both their own worst enemies!

In regard to the muslims it should be easy for ayone following the news and events of today, to se why THEY for sure are their own worst enemies. At least to the extent one is able to accept the real difference between what is regarded as extreme and not extreme muslimis. More on this issue later. However, when it comes to the Christians it is not as easy to recognize why tey also are «their own worst enemies?»

Nevertheless, I have personally arrived at this conclusion, not only based on many conversations I have had with both non-Christians and well as Christians, - but even more so based on my own personal and very negative experiences with Christians over many years. And up to today concluded with the worst and most damaging experience of them all in September of 2012 and thanks to PTSD continuing during every month up to this very day.

The DANGEROUS central-banks of the world

and the new digital crypto currencies!

The subject of «the dangerous central banks» has interested me for several years, and the subject of digital (crypto) currencies has been on my radar for close to 3 years, but really got me seriously interested in January of 2014. Have you heard of BitCoin before? Or about LiteCoin and DogeCoin for instance? Are you aware of the fact that there are several hundred such similar currencies created in cyber-space so far?

There are several very good reasons why I have become so deeply interested in this subject, and the most important ones are the following:

  • For starters because I am totally convinced that the kind of money most of us are walking around believing in, really is not the real money at all. «Money» in the form of dollars, euros and pounds has over the past 30 – 40 years been reduced to something referred to as «fiat» money. (Fiat money = money which no longer is backed up by any form of physical values like gold for instance, but is given its «value» through a statement from our authorities claiming this has value. And this is the case all too often in countries which find themselves in serious financial trouble themselves.)
  • My inherent and almost born with resistance against that others (our authorities in particular) always tries to control and monitor for what purposes I am spending MY money on. (Money which really is not «mine» in the first place, but belongs to the country I am living in.) Nevertheless this is money I have earned as a result of me having spent MY time in exchange for it. The new digital (crypto) currencies are money which can be used with much more privacy and without it being so easy for others to find out what I spent my hard earned money on.
  • My freedom and just as important confidence by knowing that the money I have (own) in the form of a digital (crypto) currency like BitCoin for instance, can NOT be confiscated and that it REALLY is me who is in control of and have exclusive access to this money.
  • And finally, and perhaps this is the most important point now, my total conviction that our old-fashioned money like dollars and euros etc. have started on its last chapter in its history of life on this earth. The old money system is rotten to the core and MUST be replaced by something new and much better. The only sensible altenative is, - digital currencies!

With all of this said and written, come back later to this blog and you will be able to read more about both BitCoin and other digital (crypto) currencies like LiteCoin, DogeCoin and othes. And, - I feel pretty sure you will also be able to read much more about a NEW type of a digital currency which is about to take all of Asia like a storm, and which as we are starting on the year 2015 is about to enter the western world as well. The difference between this new currency and all the other digital solutions, is that this one is backed by real values, including GOLD!

I will also write about why Europe and USA has started on

their last chapters in the history of our world world, and

about the coming REAL financial crisis looming.

The world is with increasing speed and under rather dramatic circumstances in the process of being turned up-side-down. The geographical area we refer to as the «western world is about to go down, - while many countries in Asia, in South America and even areas of the former Sovjet Union more and more will take leadership of this world.

In reference to the «western world» I am of course talking about USA and Europe and in these two areas there is unfortunately little reason for optimism. USA has accumulated a national debt as well as financial obligations so incredibly large it is mind-blowing and in fact impossible to deal with over time. And Europe with its crumbling EU project and the Euro which is the most artificial and totally worthless currency ever created, is for sure also facing its demise.

Yes, - with all of this going on there is so much exciting and not too forget downright unpleasant truths to writ about here. But you need to know and understand, - you need to stay informed for your own as well as for the protection of your family sake. And please, as you read what I write, do your own research as well.

And YES!! Of course! I will write about TAXATION and how

«rotten» and wrong the TAX system has become in many, if not

most countries countries in the world today!

As a Nowegian citizen carrying a Norway passport much of my personal experience is of course coming from my personal and very bad «horror» stories I have had with the Norway tax authorities. This has motivated me to do a lot of research into what really goes on in the world today when it comes to each country´s taxation of its citizens, and I have safely arrived to the following conclusion: Most people in most countries has over the years been brain-washed into believing that paying «our fair share» of taxes based on our personal income, is a MUST if we want the society as we know it and live in to survive. Should we not pay these taxes we are lead to believe that things will come to complete stand-still!

This is an allegation which most of us during many, many years of «programming», - much thanks to the media which has helped the authorities to promote this «truth», has ended up believing in. In fact most of us feel it is our moral duty to pay our share for the common good. We really do believe that our country government as well as local governments do NEED these funds to survive

My personal counter allegation is that all of this, at best, is a very strong overstatement! Using my own home country of Norway as example, the total amount of money the people of Norway pays in personal income-tax is not about «the fact» that Norway as a country really need this money. As I will be able to prove to you later, they do NOT need this money! Instead, I have come to the conclusion that personal taxation, in most countries, has much more to do with a system helping the authorities to control us! So with other words, people are paying for the authorities to control them!! How stupid have we all become??

I am going to write about how very wrong all this has turned out. Yes, - even about how this in many cases destroys the lives of people and in some cases even are being used by those in power to intimidate and make life difficult for thos who are against you. Which has motivated me to de a lot of research and based on this show you how you as a FREE person still can arrange your life in a way allowing you to disconnect yourself from this crazyness.

Of course, - I will also write about the really

GOOD NEWS and about how you can turn the current

bad situation in the world into something GREAT for yourself.

We are right now living in a time-period in the history of the world which is totally unique. Unique, but also potentially very dangerous for a lot of people. If there is one mistake you risk making now, it would be if you do not accept this or choose to hide from the facts. I can fully understand why most people still can not understand this and why they are not willing to accept the seriousness of the situation. But that is exactly why I am writing this, and will continue to write about these things on my blog.

I am simply trying to get you to «open your eyes».

My life has been very far from being a standard average life. I have had more experiences in good and very bad than MOST people and I have seen more of the world than most people. Some of the «bad stuff» has cost me more than most fellow human beings will ever be able to understand. But, that is exactly why I also have been so strongly motivated to do my own research, to investigate things and always being hungry for more information! And in all of this I have found solutions and opportunities most people do not even find it interesting to look into.

As we have now started on the year 2015, with the first month behind us already, I know one thing and one thing for sure: Regardless of how seriou an potentially dangerous the current global situation is for mankind, - HISTORY has shown us that even in the worst scenarios there is ALWAYS new opportunities for good and positive change. The key is having the information and if you do, - anything bad can be used to gain something which is very good.

In fact, the really successful and most wellknown international investors knows that some times the BEST and most profitable opportunities are found it the worst of times. Therefore, - with this as a starting point, - here is a short list of really good things I will write about in the near future:

  • About how to use the bad and the nagative in the world today as a turning point to something really good for you and your loved ones.
  • About unique opportunities to invest and make money on the Internet which most people never will be able to enjoy, - simply because they do not believe enough in it.
  • About how to protect yourself, your loved ones and your money and assets against the dangerous situation ahead. And in this context I am thinking both in terms of the financial part of your life, - as well as how to protect your rights to PRIVACY and FREEDOM!
  • And not to forget, - about the fact that I believe we have come to the end and very last chapter in the story of our money. A rare and once in the history of the world almost unbelievable opportutnity for HUGE profits for those «in the know!»
  • And finally, I will share with you good valid inormation about how you EFFECTIVELY could be able to dramatically reduce your tax liability in a 100% legal way, - and in some cases even reduce your taxes to ZERO! You might find yourself in a situation where you never pay income tax again!

You see, INFORMATION and understanding are the keys here. This is not some kind of illegal monkey scheme I am dreaming up for you. In fact, the world famous entrepreneur and author Mr. Robert Kiyosaki talks a lot about some of this by saying something like this:

«It is only those «stupid» people who are so keen on living on a fixed monthly salary who has to paymost of the taxes. If you are smart, you turn yourself into a self-employed person and as such start ona journey towards paying next to nothing in taxes!»

And right NOW is the time for you to seriously starting to consider this! This year 2015 and next year 2016 are going to be CRUCIAL years for you starting the plan to re-arrange your life and how you earn your income. When it is too late, those people who are living paycheck to paycheck will the ones who REALLY will be hurt and many will even be destroyed!

I sincerely do hope you will come back to my blog and read about all the things I want to share with you in 2015. Based on my vast experience in both good and bad I do have a lot of valuable insight and understanding. And you can always rest assured of one thing: I will always tell it like it is, - I will call a spade for a spade.

And, I will NEVER write in an effort to please everybody, or trying to become popular. In fact, I know that most people will not really like what I will be writing about. All I have to say to that is: Fine!

Best personal regards,

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