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If you do not believe in this, or if you do not understand HOW this possibly could
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with this incredible educational program. 95% of all people today still do not really
understand what I like to refer to as the "digital economy" and the many fantastic
opportunities a person can profit from on the Internet.  With this blog post I am trying
to challenge you to take a closer look, and to accept an offer to receive a FREE sample
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Dear reader of my blog!

Anyone of you who has been reading my blog during some time now knows that I am "above average" focused on issues having to do with "personal freedom".  You will also know that in 2008 I left my old home country of Norway and moved to Panama in Central America.  With this move I took the first step towards becoming an "international citizen" instead of just a citizen of Norway.

Regardless of your own attitude or possible dreams or desires to do the same or not, - ONE thing is abundantly clear as we find ourselves in the year 2014:  Internet and what I like to refer to as the "digital economy" has taken over everything in just about any area of our lives.  Like this or not, - this is an undeniable fact of life right now.  An unstoppable development which will continue to progress with record speed also through the next 12 - 24 months and for years to come after that.

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EVERYTHING is changing, - also in record speed!

The impossible has become possible.  What you did not even believe in prior to this, (perhaps including right now) - others are believing in and as a result they are making much more money than what you are making today.  Does this mean that he or she is a better or more clever person than what you are?

Well, - PERHAPS!  If you are not willing to change some of those beliefs you have, - if you are notwill FOR SURE never happen for you!  You may continue to allow old "programming" and an understanding of things which has expired long time ago keep you from achieving the life you actually do deserve.  Or, - you may instead read this with a positive mental attitude and tell yourself, "perhaps what Helge says here could be correct?"  And by saying this to yourself, take the next step and accept my offer to receive as a FREE gift a seven VIDEO training course which will run for seven consecutive days.
willing to open your mind to the fact that something not only is fully possible, but even possible FOR YOU, - then many of those who choose to disagree with you are probably a lot smarter then you are.  If as one example, you do not believe that it is possible to start from scratch and then start earning $20.000  -  $30.000 and even perhaps as much as $50.000 or more per month 6 months from now, - then this

The last few weeks has in a UNIQUE way been VERY interesting for me!

Approximately 5 weeks ago a good friend introduced me to an online training and educational concept which lead me to become a student again.  I have more than 27 years of experience from network marketing, affiliate marketing and direct sales, - and I have been working online in this area of business since 2007/2008.  As a result of this I have seen more and been able to evaluate more concepts and companies in this area than most people.  With other words, I have a tremendous amount of experience and concepts I am able to compare anything with.  Having said that, it is therefore with the most sincere enthusiasm and conviction I am now writing the following:

  • There is absolutely NOTHING in my past experience I am even close to being able to compare this concept and the education I am now getting.  Earlier in my life I have not even been close to something like this!
  • The quality as well as content and VALUE of absolutely everything I have seen and experienced in this program so far is by far the BEST I have ever seen in my life!
  • I have never before been more PROUD to share something with others.
  • So far I have invested only $220 in this educational program, and I can safely say that I have NEVER before gotten more value for money!  What I have gotten so far is worth MANY TIMES my investment.
  • As of right now I am totally CONVINCED that for many people it IS possible to achieve an income of both $20.000  - $30.000 and even more than $50.000 per month after 6 months with this incredible program and the education a person is getting.
One of the secrets behind the last point is something new which has been introduced to me in 2014:  Marketing of what is called "high ticket" items online, something this unique education is focusing in on in a big way.  If you now want to learn more about all this, I urge you to accept my offer to go through the SEVEN Video video training boot-camp which you will get access to as a FREE gift!  But first, allow me to introduce you to one of my teachers:

Meet Stuart Rose, one of my teachers
and founder of "Six Figure Mentors":

Meet Sean and Kelly:  They started from ZERO
and earned $10.000 in their THIRD month!

My good friend T Le Mont Silver was the person who introduced me to this amazingly good educational program.  He is a person who has earned from $100.000  -  $150.000 per WEEK in the business of network marketing online prior to this.  And still he told me that as a result of the training he has received from this program, he has left MILLIONS of dollars on the table over the years!  As I respect him a lot, ( he has more than 20 years of experience in this industry) I knew I should pay attention when he proceeded to tell me:

Approx. 6 or 7 weeks ago I found the couple Sean and Kelly (picture above) using Google.  From them he learned that they had been able to create an income for themselves which exceeded $10.000 per month in their third month!  And they had been able to do this in spite of the fact that they had no prior experience in either network marketing, affiliate marketing or anything having to do with earning money on the Internet.

However, they were both very tired of their old jobs and close to one year ago they came across the same educational program I now just have started on.  And then as quickly as in their THIRD month they created an income of more than $10.000! 

Are you ready to take your FIRST step into this educational program for FREE?

Since you have read this far in this blog post, - it means the time has come for me to tell you how you can get access to a FREE SEVEN day long 7 videos training program.  However, in all fairness I have to give you a warning:  In order for you to get full advantage of this training program it is required of you to be able to understand the English language, written and spoken.

Your two main teachers, Jay from Canada and Stuart from London both speaks English in a very easy to understand way.  However, you will also be given your own online coach and "consultant".  And in order to communicate with this person you need to be able to speak and write English.  For instance using Skype.

If you do not see this as a problem for you, I can not strongly enough recommend for you that you take the next step right now!  Click on the link below.  Take your time to watch the other videos on the page you then will be taken to, and read the text on this website as well.

And finally, prepare yourself to pay a fully refundable "application fee" of $29,95.  Yes, this is 100% refundable within 30 days should you not be 100% happy for any reason during this initial period of your education.  With that said, here is the link:

Get your FREE 7 VIDEO training series HERE!

As I have told you, you will get access to a FREE gift of 6 hours of extremely valuable VIDEO training, - SEVEN high quality videos with one video per day.

Finally it is only for me to repeat myself:  This is by far the BEST and most valuable offer I haver ever come across on the Internet.  Absolutely everything from what you are given as a FREE gift, plus whatever you thereafter may choose to purchase, has a QUALITY and content with value which at least is FIVE times better then everything else I have evaluated up to this point in my life.

Which by the way also includes the incredible SUPPORT system if and when you need to use this system for whatever reason.  Again, nothing even comes close!

Best personal regards

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