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Dear reader of my blog!

Anyone of you who has been reading my blog during some time now knows that I am "above average" focused on issues having to do with "personal freedom".  You will also know that in 2008 I left my old home country of Norway and moved to Panama in Central America.  With this move I took the first step towards becoming an "international citizen" instead of just a citizen of Norway.

Regardless of your own attitude or possible dreams or desires to do the same or not, - ONE thing is abundantly clear as we find ourselves in the year 2014:  Internet and what I like to refer to as the "digital economy" has taken over everything in just about any area of our lives.  Like this or not, - this is an undeniable fact of life right now.  An unstoppable development which will continue to progress with record speed also through the next 12 - 24 months and for years to come after that.

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