Having several sources of income will be VERY IMPORTANT in the future!

Today I will write about a topic I have never written about here before:  How to create an income from your home, without you having to meet with, or speak with ANYONE!
You do this by simply "riding on the back" of companies
like Amazon.com, - Ebay.com and others!
 Dear blog reader!

As I told you about in a previous post here, I am about to make a few changes to my blog.  And one of  those are that I will from time to time write about the topic of the need for most people to create additional income sources for themselves.  The financial crisis facing the world will for many people turn the idea of "making money from home" as a hobby, - into what some times will be a dead serious requirement. 

Before I start, allow me to establish my "credentials" in this area:  I have been studying two topics very extensively over the past 10 years:  

• The geo-political situation, world finances and how it might impact the future for you and me.
• How to use the Internet and the many opportunities available there to create "multiple income streams for ourselves.

Today I want to introduce you to something I would prefer to call "a method" more than just another "opportunity".  And what I am going to share with you is probably the easiest, most guaranteed and at the same time most serious way of making money on the Internet you will ever come across!  Should you want to take a much closer look at this "method" right now, please do so through the following link where you can purchase the education needed for only $19,94 per month:

Please click on "read more" to read the rest of this post.

The following are the only "ingredients" you need to be able to succeed with "this unique method" of easily being able to earn $500 - $1.000 and more per week in the future:

You need to be able to pay $19,95 per month for an online training course which also constantly updates you with new and very valuable information.
You nee to be able to UNDERSTAND the English language, mostly when it is spoken to you, and some times when you do some very limited writing.
You need to have some patience, - particularly during the first 2 - 3 months.

Provided you are able to say YES to the above mentioned three "requirements" I will now be able to tell you about a method where you easily will be able to earn 3 - 4 thousand dollars per month, (and later even much more!) from doing some daily tasks on your computer requiring perhaps 1 - 2 hours of your time 4 - 5 days per week.  And you will be able to make this income 100% without any of the following:

• Absolutely NO "recruiting" of other persons involved here!
• In fact, you do not even have to talk to anyone to sell him or her anything!
• You are not going to have to buy any products to pack and ship out to people either!
• And finally, - you do not have to have a website, or concern yourself with traffic to such a site!

The ONLY work you have to do, (for the most part) is to be able to copy information from one website and paste the same information in on another website!  Very simple and straightforward.  If you continue reading down to the bottom of this website, I will even provide you with a link where you right now will be able to START learning a little about this unique and exciting way of making money on the Internet in 2014.

The company behind this education, who markets a range of monthly educational courses about how you and everyone else truly may learn everything needed to succeed with this method, is known as DS Domination.
The letter DS here stands for "Drop Ship", - a well known concept which in the English language simply means you will be able to get others to "drop ship" products for you.  In this context this means that as an example, Amazon.com is more than ready to "drop ship" any product for you to anyone you ask them to send it to.

This is also a method of making money, an opportunity for you to improve your financial situation, which just gets better end more exciting the deeper you dig into it.  Starting off your earnings will be more limited as you need learn how to "list" products for sale on Ebay.com, - at the same time as building a large lists of products there.  Ebay will probably limit your listings to a maximum of 10 in the beginning.  However, pretty soon this "limit" will be removed, and you can build your number of listings into the hundreds and even thousands over time.

Can you imagine having 500 listings on Ebay alone, - with each listing giving you a profit of only $15,- each per month.  (This is very conservative figures)  We are talking about a profit for you of $7.500 per month at this point in time!

Then, can you imagine if the profit per listing goes up to $50 or even $100 per product sold?  This is all possible in your future with DSD!  But you have to learn the basics first.

How to make a profit of (example) $15,- for a 4 minute job.

As a "student" of the training courses DS Domination provides your with, you will for starters learn the following:

• How to easily find the best products to list for sale in Ebay.
• How at the same time you can find the same products for sale at a much lower price on Amazon.
• How to correctly copy the right product info on Amazon.com and then pasting it in on Ebay.
• How to OPTIMALIZE the product description for best search results on Ebay.com.

When you master this, (and it is actually rather simple to learn) you will quickly be able to find and "list" a product within a time-frame of only 4 minutes.  Later you will also be given access to aand thereby cutting down considerably on the time this takes!
special software which will help you to automate much of this work,

If you have some time available right now, or later, I am giving you access to a "introductory training course" where you will learn the very basics of how you will be able to succeed with this opportunity.  Below you will find a link to a training webinar conducted by a man named Roger Langille, one of the three persons who started the company DS Domination.  Roger has more than 10 years of professional experience making money with this "method" and is listed as a "Platinum Seller" on Ebay.  Here is the link to the webinar:


All of the above is however, just the "tip of the iceburg"!

Perhaps you did not allow yourself to get really excited by the possibility to earn $15 for a 4 minute job?  (Shame on you, it does in fact translate into a whopping $225 for one hour of work!) Anyway, it is important for me to remind you of the need for you to have some patience in the beginning.  And the truth is, - what you have been told so far is really just the "tip" of a very big "iceburg".

As you go through the training step by step, and is also given valuable information of fantastic opportunities through other websites, beyond Amazon.com and Ebay, you income per "listing" will increase tremendously!  First up to $50 or more per listing, - then perhaps as much as 10 times more to a whopping $150 per listing!  And more!

DS Domination will soon even launch their own source of products with a fantastic selection of 100.000 different products which is being imported directly from China exclusively for its students.  A brand new DSD website will be launched soon to give you access to all this.

And, - you will be able to "drop ship" products to countries all over the world!  All with a click of your mouse through the Internet!

Well, - this is more than enough information for now.  Allow me to just let you know about another amazing fact about DS Domination:  This is the only money making concept in the Internet where as much as 84% of everyone getting involved actually makes a good PROFIT only weeks after getting involved!

Yes, - you did read this correctly!  A whopping 84 of all "students" are actually making a PROFIT with DSD!  If you therefore want to be included in this group of 84% making a good profit with DSD please do so through this link:


And should you have any questions, please let me hear from you!

Wishing you success and prosperity in 2014!

Helge Normann

PS:  For anyone interested in being an "Entrepreneur" and making money from a home-based or Internet-based income opportunity, I strongly recommend for you to join a brand new global platform soon to be launched to the world:


Join right now and do recommend other "entrepreneurs" in your circle of contacts to do the same.  You could make some good money doing this as well!


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