Take a look at what an armed REVOLUTION looks like!

Could it be possible that Civil War 
breaks out in Ukraine in the future?
Friends of mine talk about this here.

The special forces of Ukraine, clash with demonstrators using ordinary 
construction site protection helmets and sticks in their fight with government forces.

First a personal message from me:

As some of you know, I have been in Ukraine since the beginning of December last year.  And that happens to be exactly the same period through which the beginning of new, and this time much more serious and violent revolution starts in this country.  As I am writing this I am wondering, and being a bit concerned:  I sincerely hope this does not escalate to a level where it will be difficult for me to leave the country later this week.

Please make sure you watch the scary 60 second video from the VERY violent clashes between demonstrators and police in the center of Kiev today.  What you see there is still going on right now.


As the year 2014 starts, I am going to be much more active in this blog, and I am going to share information (particularly interesting and some times very valuable information) which ONLY will be shared with those of you who subscribe to my blog newsletter.

Below is a copy of the content of another newsletter which I subscribe to.  From a man I have known about for several years already.  This man is a former CIA agent, but he left this organization as he was not able to be a part of what they were involved in around the world any longer.  He then left the USA for never to return, (as he himself says) and now lives in Chile.

In the very near future I will share with all my subscribers much more about this man and his work.  And also share some of the information I have full access to as one of his paying "insiders".  But for now, please take the time to read his letter below, and stay tuned for more updates from me in the next few days.

Best regards from
Helge Normann


A letter from "my friend"
the former CIA agent:

A journalist at work in Kiev these days.  A very dangerous
job for sure!  The question is:  How much more blood will be 
shed in Ukraine in the coming days and weeks?

January 20, 2014
Sovereign Valley Farm, Chile

It's almost exactly like that scene from V for Vendetta.  You know-- the part in the end where swarms of people go up against the police with their sticks and Guy Fawkes masks...That's what's happening in Ukraine right now. And with reason.
After weeks of student protests over the government's failure to sign a European integration and association treaty, the police violently cracked down on protestors, and politicians passed a series of new laws in the middle of the night. Among them:
  • Criminal extremist activity is now redefined, broadly and loosely, that effectively criminalizes protest, press reports, or social media that is anti-government.
  • Insulting a policeman or judge is now a criminal offense. This includes behavior that "patently offends" or "shows insolent disrespect".
  • Blocking of administrative buildings is now criminalized with a 5-year prison sentence.
  • Anyone who organizes an assembly in violation of 'established procedures' can be arrested.
  • The government has streamlined its ability to force Internet Service Providers to block certain websites it deems harmful in its sole discretion.
  • New amendments to the criminal code allow pre-trial and trial proceedings to be conducted, even if the defendant is not physically present to defend himself. 
(My comment: What he does not mention here is also a new law which makes you face prison terms if you are part of a group of more than 5 cars assembling in the same place! Plus a new law identifying any charity or NGO as a "foreign agent" if this organization receives money from abroad!)

The laws go on and on. It's Soviet stuff all over again. And people aren't taking this lightly.
In total defiance of these new laws, the gun-toting police thugs, and the bone chilling winter cold, people are once again out in the streets.
There's a great video from a few nights ago where the cops were assaulting a few protestors. Then suddenly a swarm of people with nothing more than fists and sticks ran over and began attacking the police.  This will link will take you to YouTube as embedding was not allowed for this video:

Societies, like individuals, have their own breaking points. Citizens can only tolerate so much abuse before enough of them take action. Sometimes that means meeting violence with violence.
I wonder where this line is in the West. Back in the Land of the Free, the government has taken every possible step it can to abuse citizens.
It has enriched banks at the people's expense. It has robbed the masses of the purchasing power of their savings. It has destroyed liberties, indebted future generations, raised taxes, and regulated the most fundamental aspects of our lives.
All of this has been done shamelessly, unapologetically. For example, President Obama's "solution" to the NSA spying debacle is to simply outsource the metadata storage to some unknown company.
Pathetically, this is what passes for liberty in the Land of the Free today.
Yet while Ukrainians have clearly reached their breaking points and are fighting it out in the streets for their freedom, it remains unclear where North Americans and Europeans draw the line. Most people don't seem to care.
Fortunately, anyone who actually values liberty doesn't need to wait around for Ukrainian- style armed revolution. The world is a big place, and there are a number of options to reduce our exposure to bankrupt, insolvent, destructive governments.
Every single person who holds dollars in a US bank account, for example, is entirely beholden to the whims of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. You can substantially reduce this exposure by moving funds to a place like Norway or Hong Kong, holding krones or Hong Kong dollars.
Or even still, owning precious metals at a foreign depository in a place like Singapore is a great idea!
You can reduce your exposure to NSA spying by using simple encryption plug-ins for email.

(From me: If you want information on how to do this, and the best options, please subscribe to this newsletter! I will cover this in future communications.) 
You can further reduce your risk and exposure to your home government by obtaining a low-cost second residency in a place like Chile or Panama, to ensure that you always have another option.

(From me: Another great option is the country of Belize, the only English speaking country in Central America.)
There are a plethora of solutions-- individual solutions-- that anyone can take advantage of. And in doing so, we are relying on ourselves. Not on our neighbors. And definitely not on government.

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