HAPPY NEW YEAR and a few New Year gifts from me!

I wish you and your loved ones a truly
HAPPY NEW YEAR and wish for each
one of you to make 2014 the year of the 
"Final Breakthrough for Success!"

First, spend a few minutes watching this video about a
"world-record" in fireworks in Dubai on New Years Eve!


2013 is now history also for me!

For me the year 2013 turned out to be the worst life of my entire life.  Not only from a financial point of view, (as I lost a lot of money) but more importantly due to the fact that I became very ill and spent almost every day of the last year with a lot of pain in almost every muscle in my body.  I refer you to a previous article I wrote here on my blog about this.  I am still not well and every day I suffer from muscle pain.  But, the special treatment I started thanks to a technology I got access to from a company in Russia, seems to work and I do feel much better as we are not starting on a new year.

However, - this article is not going to be about me, - but instead more about YOU.  I truly wish for you to have a HAPPY NEW YEAR and that this new year will turn out to be the year when the "Final Breakthrough for Success" happens in your life.  Many of you know that I am working with various ways of making money on the Internet, - mostly with some kind of a "home based income opportunity".  And for any person to succeed with this, as with any other task you attempt to succeed with in your life, you must have the right TOOLS at your disposal!

One of those "tools" should be a program for personal growth and development.  And in this context I am happy to b able to give a couple of "New Year gifts" as follows:

Most of you have probably heard about the world famous Tony Robbins.  He is an author and motivational speaker traveling around the world speaking to small and large audiences about success, goal-setting and personal growth.  Here is a link to a FREE e-book he has written which I strongly recommend for you to read and attempt to make work for you in 2014:


The second gift is also something from Tony Robbins, a sound track of a speech he has made which I suggest you listen to many times during 2014:


For some 2013 turned out to be a FANTASTIC YEAR!

Behind the "label" named "look at this" here on my blog you will find an article I wrote about a man from Australia who was born without arms and legs.  However, in spite of this he is living a life I am sure is much more happy and fulfilling than most of us.  I am talking about Nick Vujicic.  Nick is (The other man I am thinking of is Peter Daniels, a billionaire Christian businessman I have had the pleasure of meeting and spending time with several times.)
the second man from Australia who has inspired me and really "touched my life" more than anyone else.

During the past few years I have had the pleasure of following what Nick does and achieves with his life on this earth.  And doing this it is simply not possible to avoid being touched profoundly by the fact that he give GOD all honor and that he himself is 100% convinced that God wanted for him to be born without arms and legs!  Simply because HE had a very special plan for Nick´s life on this earth.  And NOBODY, - absolutely nobody can escape being both impressed and inspired by this amazing young man!

God has now richly rewarded Nick for what has done with his life so far in honor of HIM.  A little more than two years ago Nick met a beautiful young woman and after a short year this woman became his wife.   And, - in the early part of 2013 his new wife gave birth to their first child, a wonderful and very healthy boy, - a son which by the way was born WITH arms and legs!

We can therefore all conclude that for Nick Vujicic the year 2013 turned out to be the most FANTASTIC year of his life!

As the last gifts to you in my small selection of New Year gifts to you this time, I am now very happy to share with you a few videos featuring Nick and his family.  PLEASE take some time to watch these videos.  Please allow yourself to be touched, inspired and motivated, as so many others has before you.

And with this said, - I again want to wish you and your loved ones A TRULY HAPPY NEW YEAR!

With POSITIVE regards,

And now, sit back and enjoy these videos:  First, an introduction to Nick Vujicic if you have not seen this when I first blogged about Nick some time time ago. 

God did not give Nick arms and legs, but He gave him a few other things instead, like a
great voice for singing:

As well as a great talent for speaking to large groups of people and to influence their lives in a most positive way: 


But of course, he would probably not be able to do all those things so extremely well if
it had not been for his total belief in God:


And it seems that God has blessed him with his own wife as well. A couple of years ago he
got married:

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