This is why the US economic situation is a DISASTER waiting to happen!

What does it take for people to understand that the US and the western world as we know it is about to collapse under its own unsustainable and growing weight?

Ok, - allow me a shot at trying to explain this with some simple figures.

First, - would you agree that mathematical facts and figures are the same regardless of how many zeros you have in the figures you operate with?  With other words, if the annual costs of having and operating your hot-dog stand is US$10.000 and your net income is only $1.000 you WILL go out of business!  Period! End of story! 

And in the unlikely event you did not understand this, let me give you the reason:  You are $9.000 short even in the first year to pay your creditors.  Ok, if your creditors love your hot-dogs so very much that they will allow you to go on for a second year (just to make sure they can have access to your delicious hot-dogs) you may have a shot of running your hot-dog stand for another year.  However, when they realize that each hot-dog in fact is costing them almost $1.000 each, the day will for sure come when they will stop buying your hot-dogs, - and file the papers to send you into bankruptcy!