This is why the US economic situation is a DISASTER waiting to happen!

What does it take for people to understand that the US and the western world as we know it is about to collapse under its own unsustainable and growing weight?

Ok, - allow me a shot at trying to explain this with some simple figures.

First, - would you agree that mathematical facts and figures are the same regardless of how many zeros you have in the figures you operate with?  With other words, if the annual costs of having and operating your hot-dog stand is US$10.000 and your net income is only $1.000 you WILL go out of business!  Period! End of story! 

And in the unlikely event you did not understand this, let me give you the reason:  You are $9.000 short even in the first year to pay your creditors.  Ok, if your creditors love your hot-dogs so very much that they will allow you to go on for a second year (just to make sure they can have access to your delicious hot-dogs) you may have a shot of running your hot-dog stand for another year.  However, when they realize that each hot-dog in fact is costing them almost $1.000 each, the day will for sure come when they will stop buying your hot-dogs, - and file the papers to send you into bankruptcy!

Allow me to explain why my blog has been "dead" since 2012!

I have had another experience, including 
9 months in constant and some times INCREDIBLE pain, to show what strong, traumatic experiences may cause in terms
of reactions inside your body.

Please accept my APOLOGIES!

During the past 12 - 14 months or so I have more or less been totally unable to function properly, due to what has turned out to be a rather severe health situation.  This is somehow connected to rather painful and for me very traumatic experiences in both my private as well as businesslife, which again has developed into what I now understand is a rather serious health situation.  This is a situation and "history" during the past year which I am making an attempt to explain for you in this post.  But, first and foremost I am writing this because I feel a need to ask you and many others to please accept my sincere APOLOGIES for, among other things, the following:

- Because I have not been able to follow up properly on many of my promises and commitments in regard the different income and business opportunities I have worked on with several of you.

- Because I have not been able to write my regular posts on this blog, with the result that no postings has been made here for more than one year now.

- And because as a result of this I am sure I have disappointed many of you.

I wish I now could be able to say that I am 100% well and back "in action" again, full of motivation and energy working for all of us, - but this is unfortunately still far from being the case.  However, I do now have some hope that a new type of treatment I have been able to source in Russia in the near future hopefully will provide some good results.  I will keep you posted.

Having said this, and if you are interested in understanding more about my present unfortunate health situation, please read the rest of this post below.

Have you ever heard of something called PTSD?

In all honesty, - I would NEVER have believed that what I have experiences during the last year, - and in particular during the last 9 months, - could have been possible.  But now I do.  Have you ever heard of a severe health situation known as PTSD? (Post-traumatic stress disorder)  If not, my story as shared with you in this post on my blog will give you a simple introduction.  But first,  - allow me to share with you some factual information concerning this health disorder:

Should you care to "google" PTSD you will find lots of information.  You will be able to read aboutchronic muscle pains which could last for years.
thousands of soldiers having served in countries like Iraq and Afgahnistan etc., and who during their service there have been sent back home with the diagnosis PTSD as a result of the severe traumatic experiences they have gone through.  Weeks or even months after having arrived back home the disorder they were diagnosed with develops into different forms of bodily pain, in most cases severe pain in the muscles seems to be the most common form.  And in some cases this develops further into

But, - you will also be able to read about persons receiving the same diagnosis after for example a serious car accident, - or from a range of other possibilities for traumatic experiences, including sudden death in close family etc.  When I first ended up in a hospital in Norway as a result of my version of PTSD towards the end of the month of April this year, my nephew told me about on of his friends experiencing the same kind of severe muscle pain etc. for a period of approx. 6 months after experiencing the sudden death his son.  With that said,  - here are a couple of links where you will be able to read more about PTSD:

The second link takes you to a PTSD forum where many persons describe their own personal experiences with this in many cases horrible diagnosis.  I can only say one thing, - I am able to 100% subscribe to every word those people are sharing in this forum, - as I have lived through most of the same experiences myself during the last 9 months.  And perhaps in particular the person who writes about his experience as if he was brutally run over by a semi-trailer, finding himself left in the ditch next to the road having lost most of your consciousness, with your body filled with terrible pain!

My version of PTSD:

As I am starting to write this, - I am doing so with a minimum of energy.  I am experiencing to some extent very strong pain in many of my muscles and when waking up this morning, I used several minutes trying to make my left arm, including my fingers to work properly.  However, the pain I am having today is not nearly as bad as what I did experience during spring and summer of 2013.

Allow me to make a rather long and comprehensive story short:  During the summer and early part of fall 2012 I found myself in a situation with personal and business related experiences leading to a place where I found myself unable to function properly.  Should you one day become familiar with the details behind this you would most probably say that the situation I found myself in was not particularly strange at all.  After all, most of us are aware of many cases where persons find themselves "hitting the wall" as we say.  Therefore, so far all was I guess, - nothing but normal.

However, in the month of January 2013 several other signs inside my body started to indicate that the situation was far more serious.  First I experienced pain in the muscles of my left upper arm.  In the next few weeks this pain also manifested itself in my shoulders, in my neck and then on to my right upper arm.  Towards the end of March 2013 I made a business trip to Frankfurt for a three-day meeting in a hotel there.  But, - during the second day of this meeting I became so ill I could hardly walk back to my room on my own. (The meeting was with 3 businessmen from Germany, 2 of them billionaires in Euro, who are about to launch something on the Internet which could revolutionize the future for most of us when it comes to how we use the Internet and how we can make money on the Internet in the future.  I hope my health will allow me to tell you more soon.)

Admitted to the hospital.

In the month of April I was visiting my nephew who lives outside the city of Trondheim in Norway and was going to stay with him and his family for about a week.  But, during my stay there I experienced the pain in my body moving to just about every muscle in my body I knew about, and even some I did not know about prior to this.  The situation became considerably more serious and the pain was the worst pain I had ever experienced in my entire life!  A couple of painfull "balls" grew out of my legs and I found myself in a situation where I was not able to get out of bed on my own, and not even get dressed or going to the toilet without help.  In short, I was now a total invalid and was of course quickly brought to the hospital.  Once there I was put on an antibiotic treatment, as well as given pain-killers and other medication.  This went on for about one week and then I was able to leave the hospital practically without any pain at all.

But, - the "healing" soon proved to be short-lived.  After about 2 - 3 weeks the pain started to come back and after about 5 weeks I was forced to check myself into a private clinic in Riga in Latvia.  Once again I went through extensive tests and medical examination with only one problem found:  A muscle in the lower part of my throat was damaged and not function. And with that the reason for problems I also had experienced with a sore throat and not being able to swallow food properly on a much too regular basis, was found.  Beyond that, - I was told I was a very healthy man.

The somewhat strange part of all this was the fact that doctors in different countries like Latvia and
Ukraine as well as with two different hospitals in Norway, Drammen south of Oslo and then Orkanger in the county of Sør Trøndelag all came up with the same conclusions:  Following extensive medical examinations with lots of blood samples and all kinds of different other tests, their final "judgement" was:  "You are a very healthy man!".  But as one doctor with Orkanger Hospital said to me:

"Even if we are not able to find exactly what is wrong here, - it is obvious that you have a severe problem.  Since antibiotics seems to help, - it is evident that there is something inside your body reacting positively from this treatment."

The doctor then went on to explain:  Based on my history of rather severe experiences from stress and trauma, not only connected to what happened to me in the early fall of 2012, - but also connected to very traumatic experiences with the Norway authorities earlier in my life, (ref other posts I have written on this blog) he told me as follows:  "Your body´s reaction to all these experiences can some times result in the body producing something similar to a poison which in turn will lead to rather severe muscle pains.  However, our various ways of doing tests and examinations is not able to identify this problem."

During the summer months of 2013 I also ended up finding myself in a situation where medical pain killers had no or very little effect on my severe pain experiences any more.  During the months of September and October the pain has some times been so bad that I am literally crying tears from this and even on rare occasions crying out loud when moving my body in bed at night.

Previous stress-related health problems in my life.

As you are able to read about in another post on this blog, - I was in the period from 1984 to 1992, (very close to 8 years which is a Norwegian record!) under investigation by the police and tax authorities in Norway for a range of TOTALLY INCORRECT and even FALSE criminal accusations. This involved accusations of embezzlement, tax fraud and more, but after close to 8 years with down-right horrible experiences with Norwegian authorities, I was 100% acquitted of all charges!

People not having had the experience of being under this kind of pressure for 8 years, will never
understand the grave seriousness of such a situation.  But let me say that during this 8-year period I was TWICE taken to the hospital in an ambulance as a result of the SEVERE stress I was under.  On a third occasion during these 8 years I was even extremely close to losing my life.

I will NEVER be able to forget those 8 years and how those absolutely horrible experiences for always has been implanted in my backbone.  Neither will I ever be able to forget how my body in various ways tried to tell me that something was wrong, - about how horrific pain in my chest and fainting in the street in Oslo lead to the ambulance coming for me.  Only to be told after a week or so in the hospital that in fact, I was lucky to have a very good health, - but that I seriously needed to change my lifestyle and "take it easy".

Of course, it was "only" stress and the very traumatic experiences I was going through with the Norway police and tax authorities which was responsible for those health problems.  But back then I had not even heard about PTSD.  When a doctor first made me aware of this diagnosis I could first not believe that it was possible to experience the kind of muscle pain I have had for so many months as a result of the severe personal/business problems I had experienced in the early fall of 2012.  Pain so bad that I could not even dress myself or go to the toilet without help.

Nine months in "eternal" pain!!

The muscle pain I described above first started in January/February 2013 when I experienced pain in my left upper arm.  To begin with I thought that perhaps I had slept with this arm in a wrong position, but when the pain during the next few weeks spread to my shoulder, neck and also the right upper arm I started to understand that this was something entirely different.

Not counting the "start-up" period of January and February, I have with other words, (when this is
being written) lived with this pain for more than 9 months.  And with nine months of experience I am not sure what is worst, - the pain itself or the fact that this so completely has robbed me of all energy and even desire for life.  Of course, part of the reason for this is also the fact that I in period have problems sleeping through the night, - and often find myself sleeping a lot during the day instead.  As previously mentioned, to begin with I found this so hard to believe and understand  that I used Google to research the subject for myself, and the links provided above are just a couple of examples of what I was able to find in terms of factual information.  In my case the situation has manifested itself as follows:

- Some days I have not been able to get out of bed in the morning.
- Almost every day it is a very painful experience getting dressed.
- Way above normal cases of having very painful muscle spasms.  (Almost every day.)
- Some times having a real problem getting up from a chair in a restaurant for instance.

Again, - I am not really sure what is the worst part of this "never ending" pain experience.  The "eternal" daily pain in almost every muscle in my body, - or the fact that I am so totally robbed of energy and feel so VERY tired all the time.  Some days I have only been laying on the bed, trying to relax and avoid moving any of my muscles, half asleep.
What about my FUTURE in this situation?
Behind one of the links I have given you above you will be able to read the following words:

"In addition, if a person is experiencing pain as a result of some kind of traumatic event, the experience of pain may also trigger PTSD symptoms, such as memories or thoughts about the traumatic event."

With other words, anything which might contribute towards a person being reminded of the REASON for his or her condition will easily contribute to MORE pain!  This being a fact, it really does put a PTSD victim in an almost impossible situation.  How can you avoid being reminded of the REASON when every time you move your body you feel pain?

Anyway, although I am still having A LOT of pain almost on a daily basis, I am really TRYING to look towards a more positive and better future.   And when starting to write this post almost FOUR weeks ago now, I had a few days where the situation had been much, much better.  With that I also had a more positive outlook for the future and thought that the first thing I needed to do was to give you all an explanation of what has been going on in my life.  This is also for the reason that I have failed some of you in being able to follow up in a few thingsAs an example this is in particular true in relation to some of the business and income opportunities I have tried to get us involved with during the last 10 - 11 months.

This was however more than 3 weeks ago now, but since that time my pain and health situation has again become much worse.  I have just recently returned back from Moscow where I spent a couple of days with some specialists there who are working on a very special form of treatment with equipment developed in Russia.  I am now hopeful that I will be able to follow up with this treatment in the future and will return here with more information as it becomes available in regard to possible good results from this treatment.

PS:  As I am ready to publish this post on my blog, my condition has again become very bad.   For the past 5 - 6 days I have been forced to stay mostly in bed due to pain and most of all the TOTAL loss of energy caused by this condition for more than 9 months now. It feels like  I have a more or less constant and very painful tooth ache in most of my muscles.  I hope and pray to God that this condition will soon come to an and, and that a normal way of life will return to me soon.  Please come back to my blog for more updates later.