Do you believe in miracles, in angles and in a good God?

A captivating message about HOPE
and a better future from a young man
named Ben Breedlove!
 Ben died on Christmas day, but where 
do YOU think he is right now?

Ben Breedlove, (just his name alone is enough to make you think, - Breedlove like in "breeding love!) was through the last few years of his life a young man who "blogged" a lot using YouTube.  However, he was also a young man with a very serious heart condition, a rare and terrible sickness leading to his death on Christmas day last year, only 18 years old.  And as I understand it, this also took away speech ability during the last period of his life.

Before Ben died he produced a very captivating VIDEO of himself, in which he shares with his audience a couple of very special near death experiences in the time leading up to his death.  I came across this video and Ben's story on one of Glenn Beck's websites.  I have told you before and I will repeat it here:  I am not ALWAYS in 100% agreement with Glenn Beck, but I agree with him on most issues.  One thing is for sure, Glenn knows what he believes in and does so with real conviction in his heart.

The incredible last video Ben Breedlove produced was posted on YouTube and has so far been seen by more than 6,5 million people across the world.  I am challenging anyone to watch this video and then look me in my eyes saying:  "There is nothing more to this life than what I have right now. When this is over, that is it!  It is over!  How can anyone remove God from this video?  I challenge you to watch this video right now.  I have chosen to post a version of it here on my blog where Glenn Beck gives a very good introduction to it, also well worth watching in my opinion.

Anyway, the story of Ben Breedlove became so known and captivated so many people across the USA and in many foreign countries that several national TV stations and other media channels brought his story to their viewers.  However, in most cases using an edited version in which God was taken out.

This is the situation in the US today.  While all the editors and journalists who participated in removing God from Ben's story did what they did, I for one is totally convinced that Ben at this point has found a much brighter future for his existence.  A future in eternity, being home with the one almighty God which so many seems to not want to have anything to do with.

What about YOU?  What do you really believe in?

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