CHRISTMAS greetings to you all! The ONE season in the year which is supposed to be ALL about LOVE and....

Of course, the MOST important reason why we celebrate CHRISTMAS is to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ!
But it is also the ONE season in the year in which we are
supposed to focus on the LOVE we have for each other.  As well as on the POWER of forgiveness and the importance of the family.

WITHOUT the power of LOVE we are all becoming losers!

Christmas GREETINGS to you all!  Some of you I know personally, a few of you I even have a lot of LOVE for, while others I have never met or even know the existence of.  But my message to you today is the same to each and every one of you:

As the year 2011 comes to an end, the entire world is on the brink of a financial disaster which might send millions into a situation where they will find that their financial "security" was nothing but mirror image in the desert of years of lies and misinformation by both our governments and the so-called "mainstream media".  In fact, for millions of people in both Europe and the USA the situation might become a very bad one, even as early as later in 2012.