WHY I was forced to leave Norway, - and and a bit about why many others has done the same!

My personal experience with Norwegian authorities, and with the POLICE and tax authorities in particular, is also about some flat out scary FACTS most people rather do not want to believe!
 But, does this mean that Norway is such a particularly bad place, and that therefore that other countries are so much better for their citizens?  Unfortunately, the answer is, - of course NOT!

What it does mean is that we all live in a world which is becoming more and more difficult and even dangerous to live in for an increasing number of people.

As a result of my travels across the globe, I have met with many other Norwegians who has left their home country, some of them also with their horror storied stories to share.  As one example, - in Florida in the USA a Norwegian born and raised man is living his last years in this life and he is by Norway authorities refused the right to come home to the country where he was born!  Behind this story there is so much tragedy and unbelievable facts, it may even change your opinion, particularly if you are a Norwegian still living in Norway.

In several other countries, Poland, Spain, Brazil, Malta, just to name some of the countries from which I have met other Norwegians with stories to tell.  People who has no desire to move back to Norway, the country they once left, but who in some cases has been refused the right to leave their home country by Norway authorities!  Sure, they have nevertheless left as physical persons, but the Norway tax authorities are not willing to accept the fact that they have in fact LEFT!

This last example of course has to do with their tax situation, as in Norway when you still own your old home, (which might have been inherited to you for generations) Norway requires you to pay all your taxes to Norway as if you still lived in that country!  And with that understood, we are coming closer to the core issue of all of this:  I am, as is so many others, of the following opinion, or perhaps I should say conviction:

"The personal taxes your government wants you to pay on your income, has not so much to do with your governments real need for that money, - but much more to do with your government wanting to use the tax system to gain an ever increasing control over you and your life!"

If you really understand and study the situation in Norway for instance, you will quickly realize that the government does not REALLY need this money to finance its HUGE and far too overgrown bureaucrazy, or even for extending this huge control over you and me.  It is instead a TOOL to help them controlling us all.  I will shed much more light on this in a future article.

My dear friend or unknown friend, - I can understand it at this point some of you start to feel a strong sense of opposition towards me and my opinions here.  Perhaps particularly so if you are from Norway. You are possibly thinking:  "What a bunch of baloney! I am living in Norway for crying out loud!  A country which for decades has been the model of a real democracy, an example for other countries around the world to follow.  This is the country awarding the NOBEL Peace Price every year and who welcomes people from other countries all over the world if their governments are making it hard or impossible for them to live there."

Well, I have been persecuted by Norway authorities for far too MANY years!

Please understand that "persecution" may take on different shapes and forms.  However, in my case as a result of the Norway authorities first using almost EIGHT years of my life persecuting me for crimes I never did, and then following that tax authorities never giving up on their false and totally wrong claims against me as a result of this, I can tell you I do know what persecution is all about!  It finally became IMPOSSIBLE for me to live in Norway.

And now you may be thinking:  Well Helge, - this is a bit too dramatic, - is it not?  Absolutely not!  You must understand that when I am using the word "persecuted" here, then prior to this word there is a lot of rather dramatic and personally very difficult experiences throughout many years.  These are experiences with Norwegian authorities where words such as painful assault, gross injustice, lies and even use of false documentation against me, all was part of "their game!".

I am not going to bother you with the details of this story at this point.  This was NOT the purpose of this article.  However, in just a few words allow me to say this:   Many years ago I was arrested by the Norway police and accused of a series of rather serious crimes I was supposed to have committed inside a company I was the CEO and Chairman of the Board in.  This included crimes against the Norway tax laws,  accusations of having committed fraud, - and last but not least,  a specific claim that I had embezzled approx. 2 million US dollars from that company.

And of course, I would never have told you any of this had it not been for the fact that I never did anything wrong at all!  I had not embezzled even one single dollar, and the tax allegations was totally untrue and a fictitious made up claim by the tax authorities.
Nevertheless, in the following eight years to start with, - I was in a brutal way "educated" of what I do not hesitate to call "the crimes of the Norway authorities!  I learned a lot about how totally rotten and even evil their actions can be, - particularly when they perhaps start to realize that the person they are doing this against, may in fact be totally innocent of the crimes they have charged him with!  Then, instead of admitting to their own wrongdoing, they move in the opposite direction and turn into criminals themselves to avoid being accused of having made a mistake starting the case in the first place.

However, when FINALLY being able to defend myself in court almost 8 years later, I was of course found NOT guilty of ANY of the crimes they had accused me of.  Eight years of such presecution before I got my day in court, is however a national record, but of course not a record the country of Norway is proud of.

You might think and hope that the case stopped at this point, - but no!

Norwegian POLICE and neither norwegian tax authorities has much respect for a 100% acquittal in a Norwegian court!

After the court case was over, I had a need to visit the Oslo Police in order to take care of some practical matters.  But to my chock, I found out that the police had absolutely no respect for the Norway court system.  Entering the office of one of the division managers with the Oslo Police, I was when needing his assistance, quickly told:

"In this building we are doing nothing to aid any criminal.  The fact that you just were found not guilty by the court, is a fact that we in this building have no respect for whatsoever!"

Of course, I could not accept such a statement.  And as a result I was physically thrown out of the building by two very big police officers.  I will spare you for the details here and now, but do want to say that this was an experience I prior to this only thought was something which possibly could happen in the former communist Sovjet Union.

The Norway tax authorities also seemed to totally neglect the fact I was found  NOT GUILTY in a Norway court on all charges!  They continued to pursue their ridiculous 7 figure tax claim against me and I finally had to tell them:  

"If you insist on continuing this evil persecution of me with this crazy claim, I have no other option but cutting all ties to you, meaning I will stop submitting my annual tax report with immediate effect.  You obviously do not believe in any information or even facts I provide you with anyway!"

And this was the beginning of the end towards me breaking all ties with the country of Norway. I have so many flat out horrible experiences with the authorities of Norway, and the fact that it is scary to realize how little you as an individual is able to do in your fight against them.  Unless you are a very wealthy person and able to finance expensive lawyers on your behalf for a very long fight, you are just doomed to be completely rolled over by them.

I have been contacted by other persons who has found themselves in this situation with the Norway tax authorities.  And even been told of cases where people ended up taking their own lives as a result of this!  My almost 25 year fight with them has lead to some newspapers writing about my case.  The leading Norway daily financial newspaper, Dagens Næringsliv, had me and my story on the front page, and used three full pages inside the paper 3 years ago.  And as a result of this publicity, several persons has contacted me with their own horror stories.

People are TAKING THEIR OWN lives in Norway as a result of their hopeless fight against the authorities, and in some cases because of what journalists are writing about them.

I have learned about cases involving several human tragedies and in some cases where the person involved even took his own life as a result of not being able to handle the pressure and pain loaded upon them by the authorities in Norway.  Something I quiet frankly can identify with, as in in my own case I was in the 1990´s very close one or two times to take my own life!  I am actually feeling a bit sick having to write about here now, - but feel relieved that I am able to do it from a place far away from Norway.

But, there has in fact been another reason for me writing this and sharing these facts about my experiences with Norway with you.  As a result of all those experiences I started to ask myself:  When things are so rotten and bad on the level in which I have been operating, what is the situation on higher and for the society more important levels in government.  And if the public servants in Norway can behave like what I have experienced, what is the situation  higher up and even in other countries of the world?  You can say that my very bad experiences in Norway motivated me to start digging and doing my best to find out what the real truth is about what is going on all over the world.

I am not saying that there are any connections between what I have experienced and what goes on in world politics for instance.  However, I am saying that I have become frightenly aware of the truth in these words first uttered by Lord Acton in the UK at the end of the 18th century:

""Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

Giving people power, even by just employing him or her as a policeman or a tax collector, has in all too many cases some potentially dangerous consequences.  And the more this person advances to higher positions in her or his organization, the more power does this person get, - and then the question is:  At what point is this person negatively impacted by this power, or even corrupted by it?  Some times very quickly after taking the first job, in other cases later in his or her career.

What I have been able to learn over all these years of being very hungry for facts and information about what really goes on in the world of power, - is that the more I learn, the more I see of corruption and bad or even evil use of the power too many people have been given.  I have met and talked with some very interesting and knowledgeable people, and what they have told me, together with what I have been able to find out myself, is nothing short of chocking.  My view of the world and the people we have elected to lead us, have been turned upside down!

My own experiences in Norway, as important and even devastating as it was for me at the time, was just the first shed of light on a system which as you are reading this is about to lead us all into a financial disaster and a new world which neither one of us really want.  The European union is very close to collapsing, the EURO is a currency with an increasingly insecure future, and the possible consequences of all this could become a disaster, even if you live in Norway.  Listen to what the Euro politicians are saying these days:  "We need more control over each country.  We need to be able to influence the tax rates in each of our member countries".  All in the name of saving the Euro.  A currency which really did not have much real value in the first place.

Is it all part of  a grand plan?  A plan to create a situation in which the people of Europe will lose their national identities, lose more of their freedoms and civil liberties and where the next step towards one world government is to form a "European United States"?

And much of this has to do with collecting MORE taxes from you.  Taxes which will be used to help create an even bigger and more powerful government, and to finance the biggest pyramid scheme in the history of the world.

In my next article I will talk about the tax situation in Norway, and about a government in my old home country which also has grown far too big and been equipped with too many arms designed to "help us" and control us from birth to death.  And later I will also provide you with information about what you should do to protect yourself and your family from what lies ahead in the very near future.

And that dear friends and everyone else still living in Norway or whatever country you do live in, is not a pretty thing.  But, - do not despair, - in this situation you will also find lots of exciting opportunities, IF you have the information and are willing to act on this information.


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