WHY I was forced to leave Norway, - and and a bit about why many others has done the same!

My personal experience with Norwegian authorities, and with the POLICE and tax authorities in particular, is also about some flat out scary FACTS most people rather do not want to believe!
 But, does this mean that Norway is such a particularly bad place, and that therefore that other countries are so much better for their citizens?  Unfortunately, the answer is, - of course NOT!

What it does mean is that we all live in a world which is becoming more and more difficult and even dangerous to live in for an increasing number of people.

As a result of my travels across the globe, I have met with many other Norwegians who has left their home country, some of them also with their horror storied stories to share.  As one example, - in Florida in the USA a Norwegian born and raised man is living his last years in this life and he is by Norway authorities refused the right to come home to the country where he was born!  Behind this story there is so much tragedy and unbelievable facts, it may even change your opinion, particularly if you are a Norwegian still living in Norway.

In several other countries, Poland, Spain, Brazil, Malta, just to name some of the countries from which I have met other Norwegians with stories to tell.  People who has no desire to move back to Norway, the country they once left, but who in some cases has been refused the right to leave their home country by Norway authorities!  Sure, they have nevertheless left as physical persons, but the Norway tax authorities are not willing to accept the fact that they have in fact LEFT!

This last example of course has to do with their tax situation, as in Norway when you still own your old home, (which might have been inherited to you for generations) Norway requires you to pay all your taxes to Norway as if you still lived in that country!  And with that understood, we are coming closer to the core issue of all of this:  I am, as is so many others, of the following opinion, or perhaps I should say conviction:

"The personal taxes your government wants you to pay on your income, has not so much to do with your governments real need for that money, - but much more to do with your government wanting to use the tax system to gain an ever increasing control over you and your life!"