We live in unprecedented times when it comes to the the world financial situation and YOUR money!
In order for you you to PROTECT yourself and your
family, you first need to UNDERSTAND the truth!

And the question today is: How does the business of BANKING really work?

I remember many years ago when the billionaire christian businessman in Australia, Mr. Peter Daniels told me that "the business of world banking is in fact very crooked!"  Can you imagine my surprise? I remember I was thinking about the well-known and very "respectable" banks in my own home country of Norway back then.  Were they "crooked" too?

Thanks to Peter Daniels and his son Graham Daniels back then, and during later years thanks to my good friend Philip Judge in Panama, (the founder and owner of Anglo Far-East Bullion Company) I became very interested in the subject of money, world finances, banking and how our governments are involved in the fictitious creation of what we know as money.

You see, the sad truth is this:  If every customer of the bank with whom you are having your account(s) in goes to the bank at the same time to take out their money, only a maximum of of 5 - 10% (at best!) of all those who came would be able to walk out of the bank with their money intact in their briefcase or pockets.

The reason for this, for you possibly chocking revelation, is something called "Fractional Banking" which has been a part of global banking almost since the business of banking got started.  And today this is something our governments agree to and have in fact regulated, in order to make sure there is enough "money" to create the kind of growth and prosperity THEY want for their country.

What a total scam!  They are all in on it, using YOUR money!  Take a look at this video and listen to what Peter Daniels has to say about this.

Here is another video which in a simple and easy to understand way shows you how the business of banking and what is now known as "fractional banking" was created.  It is called "The Goldsmiths Tale"

Then, having watched the above two videos the required number of times for you to grasp the shocking truth, and then considering the news we are all bombarded with today in regard to the financial crisis of Europe and the USA, - is it not time for you to start acting to protect yourself and your family?

My advice for now:  Start producing additional income sources for yourself, and then start doing at least these two things:

a)  Convert a certain percentage of your cash into gold or silver.
b) Keep your cash reserves in at least 3 of 4 currencies and most of it OUTSIDE your own country.