Your Money

I am also here to tell you that your MONEY 
is not any longer what you think it is!

In fact, your money and how it is taxed, is in some ways "something more" which you may not have thought about at all. (This one is NOT good news) And it is of coursel a medium for you to use to purchase what you need in your life, (sorry, no good news here either!) but its real value is very much in question.  This does vary depending on where you live in the world, but in general terms, the sad facts of money in today´s society are very far from what we would like them to be.

On this page of my blog you will come to find articles and postings in regard to,

- The real value of paper money, or its more proper name, Fiat money.
- The REAL money, gold and silver.
- The all too often outrageous taxation of your money, - and the REAL reason for this taxation.

Here you will also find articles and valuable information in regard to:

- Tips on how to make more money.
- How to best protect the earnings you have made.
- Money and your privacy - is often also equal to your safety.

Come back for all of the above and much, much more in the future!

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