The World

The World as we know it is changing dramatically, 
and without the right information, your future might 
be more risky than you want it to be.

The rather famous and well known Christian billionaire businessman, Peter Daniels from Australia, whom I have had the privilege of knowing on a personal basis for almost 20 years, was even 15 years ago talking about and writing about the fact that the world as we know it will change dramatically.  He used to say:

"The time will come when the masses of the middle class in the Western World (America and Europe) will start to lose their way of life, when their governments will lose much of their financial power, and when the real power in the world will change from the west to the east!"

Well, is not that exactly what we are seeing right now!?  The number one super-power in the world, USA is on the brink of a total collapse.  The one country in the world who used to stand up for and be the protector of FREEDOM and civil liberties, is changing in a most dramatic way.  Not only is this through all of my life, great country today a bankrupt nation, but most of their leaders have left the core principles and values they used to believe in.

Yes, - the world is for sure changing in a more dramatic way than most people realize.  If someone only 10 years ago told me that I would soon feel better about the future of Russia than the future of the good old USA, I would tell them they were crazy!  But today, not only do I feel better about the future of Russia, but I even some times feel better traveling to this former communist dictatorship than I do going to the USA. (Yes, I do understand that this requires a bit more explanation.)

More on this and much more in regard to what you should be aware of is REALLY going on in the world today, in my future articles here on the "The World" page of my new blog.

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