My Life

My Life has been a very interesting journey so far,
with more good and BAD experiences than most
people experience in their life time.  But thanks to
that is has also been VERY educational!
The city of Trondheim is the third largest city in Norway with approx.173.000
people living there in 2011.  It is situated next to the "Trondheim fjord" with the
river known as "Nidelven" (seen in the picture above) running through the city
with the downtown area almost like an island by itself.

I was born in the city of Trondheim in Norway 1947.

On May 16th of that year, just before midnight, my mother gave birth to me.  I was the first of what later should be three children and we all grew up with good Christian parents who always placed their faith in God.  But if there is one think I remember most of all from having Christian parents, it must be the fact that I always experienced them as both open-minded, positive and not at all overly strict when it came to how they raised my brother, sister and myself.

The intention with this page will be to write articles based on some of my life experiences, and how these experiences formed me and most of all educated me to the facts of life and the truth of how our society works and operates.  Most of all you will be able to understand why I do not live in Norway any more and why, among many opinions, I also have the following ones:

- Most people have far too much respect for their government.
If there is any meaning in the saying that respect must be earned, then the various government of my previously "home country" of Norway have done much more to disrespect themselves than anything else.

- Taxation of your personal income has little to do with a real need for government financing.       Instead this taxation has everything to do with an all the time more dangerous need for the government to have full control over you and me.

- Governments in too many countries have grown far too big and powerful.
Today in too many cases your government is like a giant octopus, with long sleazy arms reaching into every aspect of our private lives and affairs.

- A journalist is far too often a person who does not let the truth stay in the way of a good story!
Unfortunately, in today´s society most journalists are left-leaning socialists.  How can you then expect that what you read in the newspapers and see on your TV is fair and balanced?  It just is not possible.

- It is harmful to society that governments and their leaders have turned their backs on God.
And in future articles you will see how this, in my opinion has a very negative effect on everything from world finances to the problems of crime, immigration and even human health.

So, stay tuned for many future articles, mostly based on my own personal experiences as a citizen of Norway and as it also relates to the above mentioned opinions of mine.

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Anonymous said...

I loved reading through your blog Helge and i really love this section here about the Governments etc because it's all so true, it saddens me how many people are so blinded and brainwashed and many think they're good and why would do that. Blabla. Government are about controlling and brainwashing the people and keeping them dumbed down but with technology more and more are waken up thanks to the internet as they can't mask things like they use to the Government.

Anyways I could talk about all this stuff for hours on end. I will continue to read through more of your stuff.

Keep doing what you're doing mate. :)

To your success

Beau Buckley

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