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Welcome to the "INTERESTING LINKS" page!
 Allow me to share some websites of real value with you.

The Internet can be an abundant source of both GOOD and very BAD information for you.  And always remember that on the world-wide web anyone can write anything about anyone or anything, as there is no editor responsible for what you write here.

However, during my years on the Internet, I have spending a lot of time doing my own research and evaluation of information found here.  And based on this, I am happy to use this page to share with you some of the interesting sites I have found over the years.  I will be sharing this in different categories:

• Personal development/inspirational
• Financial and your money.
• World politics
• Freedom under attack.
• Protect and preserve your privacy.

Let us start with something very positive.  Many of you have possibly seen the inspirational video with Nick Vujicic from Australia on the "Look at this" page.  Here is a link to his website which I highly recommend that you visit:

• Personal development/inspirational

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