Interesting Links

Welcome to the "INTERESTING LINKS" page!
 Allow me to share some websites of real value with you.

The Internet can be an abundant source of both GOOD and very BAD information for you.  And always remember that on the world-wide web anyone can write anything about anyone or anything, as there is no editor responsible for what you write here.

However, during my years on the Internet, I have spending a lot of time doing my own research and evaluation of information found here.  And based on this, I am happy to use this page to share with you some of the interesting sites I have found over the years.  I will be sharing this in different categories:

• Personal development/inspirational
• Financial and your money.
• World politics
• Freedom under attack.
• Protect and preserve your privacy.

Let us start with something very positive.  Many of you have possibly seen the inspirational video with Nick Vujicic from Australia on the "Look at this" page.  Here is a link to his website which I highly recommend that you visit:

• Personal development/inspirational

Look at this!

On this "Look at this!" page I will share with you some
various interesting things of interest in various aspects of life as it relates to the core beliefs of what this blog stands for.

I dare you to take a closer look at THIS!

Starting off I would like to share one very special VIDEO with you.  On the "my beliefs" page I have already told you that I do believe 100% in the ability of the human being to achieve anything he or she wants to achieve.  And I should have added, regardless of his or her circumstances!

Some times we all need to be reminded that as far as our circumstances goes, there is always someone with a worst starting point than you or me.  Now, take a few minutes to watch this video abut a man from Australia, Nick Vujicic, and you might want to reconsider your own situation.  In fact, you might even want to shed some tears!

The World

The World as we know it is changing dramatically, 
and without the right information, your future might 
be more risky than you want it to be.

The rather famous and well known Christian billionaire businessman, Peter Daniels from Australia, whom I have had the privilege of knowing on a personal basis for almost 20 years, was even 15 years ago talking about and writing about the fact that the world as we know it will change dramatically.  He used to say:

"The time will come when the masses of the middle class in the Western World (America and Europe) will start to lose their way of life, when their governments will lose much of their financial power, and when the real power in the world will change from the west to the east!"

Your Money

I am also here to tell you that your MONEY 
is not any longer what you think it is!

In fact, your money and how it is taxed, is in some ways "something more" which you may not have thought about at all. (This one is NOT good news) And it is of coursel a medium for you to use to purchase what you need in your life, (sorry, no good news here either!) but its real value is very much in question.  This does vary depending on where you live in the world, but in general terms, the sad facts of money in today´s society are very far from what we would like them to be.

On this page of my blog you will come to find articles and postings in regard to,

- The real value of paper money, or its more proper name, Fiat money.
- The REAL money, gold and silver.
- The all too often outrageous taxation of your money, - and the REAL reason for this taxation.

Here you will also find articles and valuable information in regard to:

- Tips on how to make more money.
- How to best protect the earnings you have made.
- Money and your privacy - is often also equal to your safety.

Come back for all of the above and much, much more in the future!

Your Freedom

Your FREEDOM is under serious attack
in the world today!

Allow me to share tips and viewpoints which might help you
protect and preserve this one most basic right in your life!

This part of my new blog will be used to write articles and post information which is directly relevant to the subject of personal FREEDOM, to the very concept of FREEDOM and how our civil rights and freedoms are under attack from governments all over the world today.  It does of course not happen in a way that most people would recognize immediately.  If so, it simply would not be allowed to happen!

My Life

My Life has been a very interesting journey so far,
with more good and BAD experiences than most
people experience in their life time.  But thanks to
that is has also been VERY educational!
The city of Trondheim is the third largest city in Norway with approx.173.000
people living there in 2011.  It is situated next to the "Trondheim fjord" with the
river known as "Nidelven" (seen in the picture above) running through the city
with the downtown area almost like an island by itself.

I was born in the city of Trondheim in Norway 1947.

On May 16th of that year, just before midnight, my mother gave birth to me.  I was the first of what later should be three children and we all grew up with good Christian parents who always placed their faith in God.  But if there is one think I remember most of all from having Christian parents, it must be the fact that I always experienced them as both open-minded, positive and not at all overly strict when it came to how they raised my brother, sister and myself.

My Beliefs

My core beliefs are very important to me, and on
this page I am going to share with you my beliefs
and the REASONS why I believe this so strongly.
 And do not forget that "belief" includes the power of believing
in yourself.  However, if you also believe in an all mighty God as
your ultimate Father in heaven, really believing in yourself and in
your unlimited capabilities, should become so much easier!

My core beliefs has to some extent been a journey in development over many years.  With other words, they are not beliefs which I have just decided to believe in, but something which has been tested, proven and enhanced during many years of both good and bad experiences.  And for some reason, God has allowed me to experience more BAD things in my life, than probably most people do in their lifetime.

However, when looking back at all this, I am with strong conviction able to say:  It was from the BAD experiences I learned the most valuable things.  And in this I feel lies the explanation:  God wanted me to have those bad experiences in order to equip me for greater things to come.

Anyway, on this page of my blog you will be able to read my personal articles relating to my beliefs in core areas like:

- My belief in the all mighty God.
- My belief in my fellow human beings.
- My belief in the ability of any woman or man to achieve great things in life!
- My belief in the concept freedom and real liberty for all.

Throughout all of this you will also be able to find my political beliefs & convictions.  You will start to understand why, as far as my political beliefs go, I am convinced that our governments should back off from our everyday lives and that the people of our political parties should start to really respect those who voted them into power.

Much more to come in the future!