CHRISTMAS greetings to you all! The ONE season in the year which is supposed to be ALL about LOVE and....

Of course, the MOST important reason why we celebrate CHRISTMAS is to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ!
But it is also the ONE season in the year in which we are
supposed to focus on the LOVE we have for each other.  As well as on the POWER of forgiveness and the importance of the family.

WITHOUT the power of LOVE we are all becoming losers!

Christmas GREETINGS to you all!  Some of you I know personally, a few of you I even have a lot of LOVE for, while others I have never met or even know the existence of.  But my message to you today is the same to each and every one of you:

As the year 2011 comes to an end, the entire world is on the brink of a financial disaster which might send millions into a situation where they will find that their financial "security" was nothing but mirror image in the desert of years of lies and misinformation by both our governments and the so-called "mainstream media".  In fact, for millions of people in both Europe and the USA the situation might become a very bad one, even as early as later in 2012.

WHY I was forced to leave Norway, - and and a bit about why many others has done the same!

My personal experience with Norwegian authorities, and with the POLICE and tax authorities in particular, is also about some flat out scary FACTS most people rather do not want to believe!
 But, does this mean that Norway is such a particularly bad place, and that therefore that other countries are so much better for their citizens?  Unfortunately, the answer is, - of course NOT!

What it does mean is that we all live in a world which is becoming more and more difficult and even dangerous to live in for an increasing number of people.

As a result of my travels across the globe, I have met with many other Norwegians who has left their home country, some of them also with their horror storied stories to share.  As one example, - in Florida in the USA a Norwegian born and raised man is living his last years in this life and he is by Norway authorities refused the right to come home to the country where he was born!  Behind this story there is so much tragedy and unbelievable facts, it may even change your opinion, particularly if you are a Norwegian still living in Norway.

In several other countries, Poland, Spain, Brazil, Malta, just to name some of the countries from which I have met other Norwegians with stories to tell.  People who has no desire to move back to Norway, the country they once left, but who in some cases has been refused the right to leave their home country by Norway authorities!  Sure, they have nevertheless left as physical persons, but the Norway tax authorities are not willing to accept the fact that they have in fact LEFT!

This last example of course has to do with their tax situation, as in Norway when you still own your old home, (which might have been inherited to you for generations) Norway requires you to pay all your taxes to Norway as if you still lived in that country!  And with that understood, we are coming closer to the core issue of all of this:  I am, as is so many others, of the following opinion, or perhaps I should say conviction:

"The personal taxes your government wants you to pay on your income, has not so much to do with your governments real need for that money, - but much more to do with your government wanting to use the tax system to gain an ever increasing control over you and your life!"
We live in unprecedented times when it comes to the the world financial situation and YOUR money!
In order for you you to PROTECT yourself and your
family, you first need to UNDERSTAND the truth!

And the question today is: How does the business of BANKING really work?

I remember many years ago when the billionaire christian businessman in Australia, Mr. Peter Daniels told me that "the business of world banking is in fact very crooked!"  Can you imagine my surprise? I remember I was thinking about the well-known and very "respectable" banks in my own home country of Norway back then.  Were they "crooked" too?

Thanks to Peter Daniels and his son Graham Daniels back then, and during later years thanks to my good friend Philip Judge in Panama, (the founder and owner of Anglo Far-East Bullion Company) I became very interested in the subject of money, world finances, banking and how our governments are involved in the fictitious creation of what we know as money.

You see, the sad truth is this:  If every customer of the bank with whom you are having your account(s) in goes to the bank at the same time to take out their money, only a maximum of of 5 - 10% (at best!) of all those who came would be able to walk out of the bank with their money intact in their briefcase or pockets.

The reason for this, for you possibly chocking revelation, is something called "Fractional Banking" which has been a part of global banking almost since the business of banking got started.  And today this is something our governments agree to and have in fact regulated, in order to make sure there is enough "money" to create the kind of growth and prosperity THEY want for their country.

What a total scam!  They are all in on it, using YOUR money!  Take a look at this video and listen to what Peter Daniels has to say about this.

Here is another video which in a simple and easy to understand way shows you how the business of banking and what is now known as "fractional banking" was created.  It is called "The Goldsmiths Tale"

Then, having watched the above two videos the required number of times for you to grasp the shocking truth, and then considering the news we are all bombarded with today in regard to the financial crisis of Europe and the USA, - is it not time for you to start acting to protect yourself and your family?

My advice for now:  Start producing additional income sources for yourself, and then start doing at least these two things:

a)  Convert a certain percentage of your cash into gold or silver.
b) Keep your cash reserves in at least 3 of 4 currencies and most of it OUTSIDE your own country.

WELCOME to my new blog, - a place where I will share, perhaps not the most common ideas and viewpoints with you!

Allow me first to introduce myself, so perhaps you will better understand some of the "uncommon" things I will write about in future articles here on my global blog.
 And before we move into my opening letter to you, please understand that I am a result of more than 60 years of both good and bad rather "uncommon" experiences.

The world is not always what first meets the eye, - and neither am I!

First, I am very happy you found me here, and although I do hope we might be friends and perhaps share some common opinions in the future, I am not at all sure about this.  Fact is, many of you will probably disagree with many of the opinions I will "voice" through this blog.  You see, - I did not create this blog in the hopes of creating a lot of new friends.  If you tell the truth to people, you have not always chosen the best way to create MANY friends, - but you might create a few very good ones.

One of the many things I have learned over the years is that it is in difficult times, when the world around you goes on to attack you, that you really find out who your real friends are.  And frankly speaking, those are the only ones you really need.  I have been in this kind of a situation more than once, and have been able to separate my real friends from those who some times even turned out to be my enemies.

We are now in the year 2011 and the world has become a place in turmoil.  You might even say that we are now living in rather dangerous times.   And my message for you as far as that goes is as follows:  Never before in our lifetime has the TRUTH been more important for us.  And unfortunately, the real truth is not always what our governments are telling us, neither is it what most of the media are telling us.  What you are most often getting from those sources are just the "wrapping paper" and not the important core ingredients.

With other words, if you want the naked truth, the core raw facts, you need to remove the "wrapping paper" and some times make your own digging to get to the core.  One of my sincere intentions with this blog is to help more people wake up to the fact that we live in very challenging and potentially dangerous times, and that they need to get the real facts for the sake of the survival of themselves and their families.

On the Internet anyone can write anything, - about anyone and anything!
I have already indicated that I have some people out there who are not exactly my friends.  And I have more than once in my life stuck my neck out and taken more chances than most people,  particularly in the area of business.  I have made millions and lost millions.  I have been lied about and falsely accused of a few things I never did, or never even was remotely responsible for.

These are experiences I have with everything from former friends, Norwegian tax authorities, police and not to forget a few journalists!  And with the wonderful new technology of the Internet, both the truth and the lies some times spreads faster then a grass fire.

So, if there is one thing I have learned more than anything else about the Internet, it is the fact that here anyone can write anything about anyone or anything.  So, please understand and be aware of this whenever you are looking to the Internet for answers.

Life, liberty and the pursuit of Happiness for all?
I am a Norwegian citizen, but do not live in Norway any more.  Unfortunately, I have some very, very bad experiences with the authorities of the country in which I was born and raised.  Of course, even as a 20 year old young man I knew I was not created to live in a socialist environment. However, little did I know back then of the downright criminal treatment the authorities of my own country later would subject me to.  

The words, "life, liberty and pursuit of happiness" is of course one of the most famous phrases in the United States Declaration of Independence and considered by some as part of one of the most well crafted, influential sentences in the history of the English language.  And again, even when I was only 20 years old I dreamed of later being able to live in the country with such beautiful words written into their own Declaration of Independence.

Unfortunately, today even the good, old USA is not what it once was.  In some respects, the country of my dreams as a very young man, is today for me a worst choice than my own home country of Norway.  And when this country, once the beacon and number one defender of real freedom and civil liberties, is a less desirable choice than Norway or even Russia, then we have a really sad state of affairs in the world.

However, this blog will, as an extension of all that is wrong in the global world of rotten politics, also be a source of positive, uplifting information which hopefully will motivate you to a life of great accomplishments.  Perhaps it will inspire you to live a sovereign life in real freedom with a positive purpose for the benefit of everyone around you.

Or as the famous words from the US constitution, now also under serious attack from within, says:

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain Unalienable Rights, and that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

Yes, I do believe in these very important words, written by the founders of the USA and authors of the US constitution.  And I also do believe that these words were inspired by the above mentioned "Creator", our father and God in Heaven.

I hope you will enjoy, if not always love what I write on this blog.  I cannot promise you that you will like everything, (many of you probably will not) but I can guarantee you that I will always do my very best to only tell you the truth.

The TRUTH is not always what gives you pleasure, - but it is ultimately the ONLY thing which will really set you FREE!

Come back often, and I hope you will be able to enjoy real freedom with me in the future.

Best personal regards
Helge Normann

Interesting Links

Welcome to the "INTERESTING LINKS" page!
 Allow me to share some websites of real value with you.

The Internet can be an abundant source of both GOOD and very BAD information for you.  And always remember that on the world-wide web anyone can write anything about anyone or anything, as there is no editor responsible for what you write here.

However, during my years on the Internet, I have spending a lot of time doing my own research and evaluation of information found here.  And based on this, I am happy to use this page to share with you some of the interesting sites I have found over the years.  I will be sharing this in different categories:

• Personal development/inspirational
• Financial and your money.
• World politics
• Freedom under attack.
• Protect and preserve your privacy.

Let us start with something very positive.  Many of you have possibly seen the inspirational video with Nick Vujicic from Australia on the "Look at this" page.  Here is a link to his website which I highly recommend that you visit:

• Personal development/inspirational

Look at this!

On this "Look at this!" page I will share with you some
various interesting things of interest in various aspects of life as it relates to the core beliefs of what this blog stands for.

I dare you to take a closer look at THIS!

Starting off I would like to share one very special VIDEO with you.  On the "my beliefs" page I have already told you that I do believe 100% in the ability of the human being to achieve anything he or she wants to achieve.  And I should have added, regardless of his or her circumstances!

Some times we all need to be reminded that as far as our circumstances goes, there is always someone with a worst starting point than you or me.  Now, take a few minutes to watch this video abut a man from Australia, Nick Vujicic, and you might want to reconsider your own situation.  In fact, you might even want to shed some tears!

The World

The World as we know it is changing dramatically, 
and without the right information, your future might 
be more risky than you want it to be.

The rather famous and well known Christian billionaire businessman, Peter Daniels from Australia, whom I have had the privilege of knowing on a personal basis for almost 20 years, was even 15 years ago talking about and writing about the fact that the world as we know it will change dramatically.  He used to say:

"The time will come when the masses of the middle class in the Western World (America and Europe) will start to lose their way of life, when their governments will lose much of their financial power, and when the real power in the world will change from the west to the east!"

Your Money

I am also here to tell you that your MONEY 
is not any longer what you think it is!

In fact, your money and how it is taxed, is in some ways "something more" which you may not have thought about at all. (This one is NOT good news) And it is of coursel a medium for you to use to purchase what you need in your life, (sorry, no good news here either!) but its real value is very much in question.  This does vary depending on where you live in the world, but in general terms, the sad facts of money in today´s society are very far from what we would like them to be.

On this page of my blog you will come to find articles and postings in regard to,

- The real value of paper money, or its more proper name, Fiat money.
- The REAL money, gold and silver.
- The all too often outrageous taxation of your money, - and the REAL reason for this taxation.

Here you will also find articles and valuable information in regard to:

- Tips on how to make more money.
- How to best protect the earnings you have made.
- Money and your privacy - is often also equal to your safety.

Come back for all of the above and much, much more in the future!

Your Freedom

Your FREEDOM is under serious attack
in the world today!

Allow me to share tips and viewpoints which might help you
protect and preserve this one most basic right in your life!

This part of my new blog will be used to write articles and post information which is directly relevant to the subject of personal FREEDOM, to the very concept of FREEDOM and how our civil rights and freedoms are under attack from governments all over the world today.  It does of course not happen in a way that most people would recognize immediately.  If so, it simply would not be allowed to happen!

My Life

My Life has been a very interesting journey so far,
with more good and BAD experiences than most
people experience in their life time.  But thanks to
that is has also been VERY educational!
The city of Trondheim is the third largest city in Norway with approx.173.000
people living there in 2011.  It is situated next to the "Trondheim fjord" with the
river known as "Nidelven" (seen in the picture above) running through the city
with the downtown area almost like an island by itself.

I was born in the city of Trondheim in Norway 1947.

On May 16th of that year, just before midnight, my mother gave birth to me.  I was the first of what later should be three children and we all grew up with good Christian parents who always placed their faith in God.  But if there is one think I remember most of all from having Christian parents, it must be the fact that I always experienced them as both open-minded, positive and not at all overly strict when it came to how they raised my brother, sister and myself.

My Beliefs

My core beliefs are very important to me, and on
this page I am going to share with you my beliefs
and the REASONS why I believe this so strongly.
 And do not forget that "belief" includes the power of believing
in yourself.  However, if you also believe in an all mighty God as
your ultimate Father in heaven, really believing in yourself and in
your unlimited capabilities, should become so much easier!

My core beliefs has to some extent been a journey in development over many years.  With other words, they are not beliefs which I have just decided to believe in, but something which has been tested, proven and enhanced during many years of both good and bad experiences.  And for some reason, God has allowed me to experience more BAD things in my life, than probably most people do in their lifetime.

However, when looking back at all this, I am with strong conviction able to say:  It was from the BAD experiences I learned the most valuable things.  And in this I feel lies the explanation:  God wanted me to have those bad experiences in order to equip me for greater things to come.

Anyway, on this page of my blog you will be able to read my personal articles relating to my beliefs in core areas like:

- My belief in the all mighty God.
- My belief in my fellow human beings.
- My belief in the ability of any woman or man to achieve great things in life!
- My belief in the concept freedom and real liberty for all.

Throughout all of this you will also be able to find my political beliefs & convictions.  You will start to understand why, as far as my political beliefs go, I am convinced that our governments should back off from our everyday lives and that the people of our political parties should start to really respect those who voted them into power.

Much more to come in the future!

Welcome to Helge Normann personal blog!

This is official website of Helge Normann. He has more than 40 years of experience from international business, as well as from a broad range of different areas such as management & personal development training, sales and marketing in areas from resort real-estate projects in various countries, as well as network marketing and direct sales. He has lived and worked in his own businesses in countries like Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Spain, Bahamas and the USA. He now lives lives in Riga, Latvia as well as in Panama City in Panama where the corporate headquarters for the Freedom Globe group is located.